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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weenie diplomacy now out? Its all Fun and Games Till Someone Loses a Wiener

Remember yesterday when the president and the State Department avoided answering reporters if Iranian Ambassadors were still invited over to US embassys around the world for a July 4th Wiener Party. According to CNN, the Administration is finally beginning to realize that inviting representatives of a government that is oppressing its people's right to freedom and democracy,to a celebration of the United State's victory over a government that was oppressing our right to freedom and democracy, may not be the wisest of choices. According to CNN, “senior administration officials” will rethink the invite which my Fausta of Fausta's blog brilliantly named “weenie diplomacy”
Officials: President Obama reconsidering July 4 invitations to Iran
From CNN State Department Producer Elise Labott

WASHINGTON (CNN) – The Obama administration is seriously considering not extending invitations to Iranian diplomats for July 4 celebrations overseas, senior administration officials tell CNN.

The officials said intense discussions on the issue were taking place, but the final decision had not been made.

Late last month the State Department sent a cable to its embassies and consulates worldwide informing them they "may invite representatives from the government of Iran" to their July 4th celebrations.

The U.S. receptions marking Independence Day usually feature symbols of Americana, such as hot dogs, red-white-and-blue decorations and remarks by U.S. officials about America's founding fathers.

The Obama administration had decided to invite Iranians to the celebrations at overseas posts as part of President Obama's policy of engaging the Iranian regime.

As part of that engagement Obama videotaped a message for the Iranian people on the Persian New year and U.S. officials have engaged members of the Iranian government.

In March Richard Holbrooke, the Obama administration's Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan spoke briefly with Iran's deputy foreign minister, Mohammad Mehdi Akhondzadeh, at an Afghanistan conference in The Hague.

But officials said the violence against protesters that has ensued since the June 12 election has caused the administration to rethink the timing of such engagement.

One senior administration official said Wednesday the reconsideration of the July 4th invitations is consistent with Obama's comments Tuesday, in which he said he was "shocked and appalled" at the violence against demonstrators.
Come on Mr. President...stop being a weenie. Cancel the invitation.

Ed Morrissey has more on the Wieners and the Administration at Hot Air

The Invite is Pulled

"July Fourth allows us to celebrate the freedom and the liberty we enjoy," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said. "Freedom of speech. Freedom of religion. Freedom to assemble peacefully. Freedom of the press. So I don't think it's surprising that nobody's signed up to come."

Gibbs added: "Given the events of the past many days, those invitations will no longer be extended."

During a news conference on Wednesday, President Obama had indicated the invitations were still being extended. Asked if the July 4th offer still stood, Obama responded: "That's a choice the Iranians are going to have to make."

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