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Monday, July 13, 2009

ACORN "Front Group" Playing OBAMACARE Games In South Carolina?

ACORN is more than the Criminal Enterprise trying to water down the effect of your vote by adding thousands of unqualified people to the voting rolls.

It is also a political organization, pushing its agenda where it sees there is a potential for making money.

Before “subprime” became a crisis, ACORN was active in the mortgage market, fighting in support of the  policies that helped lay the groundwork for the banking collapse of 2008. ACORN lobbied legislators and banks to ensure that any person, regardless of credit history, income, or assets, would qualify for a mortgage. They mastered the art of pressuring banks – often through radical and controversial methods – to provide subprime loans to all comers. 

Next up is pushing the President's healthcare agenda. Through its tangled web of "partner organizations" ACORN has created an organization which promised jobs, but is nothing but a front group for getting the word out about Obamacare:

ACORN Shenanigans in South Carolina

When is a company not a company? When it is a false front for ACORN.

by Warner Todd Huston

Recently, the Smosska Corporation swooped into Florence, South Carolina promising to instantly create some 400 new jobs with an assurance of 3,000 before next year is out. For an area that needs jobs this seemed like welcome news.

Last week a job fair was held in Florence by the new company at which free health care was offered those that would be hired. At that time an aptitude test was taken by applicants if, that is, they had the $40 fee to pay to take the thing. The company claimed this “fee” would be used to pay for drug tests if they were hired. This fee, however, made some people curious.

The fee and several other curious characteristics of this company caused suspicions to be raised about its legitimacy. It turns out, there is not yet an actual building in which this Smosska Corporation is housed, there don’t seem to be too many current employees, and there doesn’t seem to have been any actual products created by Smosska in the past — though the corporation is supposed to have been formed in 2001. Even the original email address given out was a Yahoo account, not an official corporate web host address.

So, how does a company that doesn’t seem to have any employees, no place of business, and no actual product for sale find the ability to promise that it can create 3,000 employees practically overnight? It appears as if the answer to that is when ACORN is backing you amazing financial arrangements can be made.

The links between Smosska and the troubled community group weren’t openly admitted, to be sure. The Florence Better Business Bureau looked into the company after questions were raised about its odd characteristics. The BBB found that Smosska is being backed by a group called Organizers for America, which itself is a subsidiary of the National Organizers Alliance, which itself is affiliated with ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, the nationally troubled group associated with massive voter fraud, financial irregularities. Of course, all were heavy Obama campaign backers.

So, what does Smosska do? Its website claims that the company makes electronically readable ID cards with a patient’s medical history imprinted upon them. But there is no indication that a single card has ever been made since the company was incorporated in 2001.

Company president Michelle Adams told reporters that her company works in “eight different states across the area serving clients including hospitals, doctors and pharmacies.” But a look at the Smosska website lists no business contacts, no clients, no success stories, no testimonials. In fact, no history of any kind is mentioned there. It seems a bit odd for a corporation not to even list a single satisfied client.

A Google search of the company’s name reveals a lot of entries claiming that Smosska is some sort of insurance company or has insurance connections in the medical field, but there is no mention of these cards. A “Health Care Organizing Kickoff” announcement on can also be found mentioning that company will hire 3,000 new workers by 2010. (Screen capture of Obama website in case it goes down the memory hole because Barack Obama is good for making things disappear from the net.)

I don’t know about you but, a ” Health Care Organizing Kickoff ” doesn’t sound like the inauguration of a new company that intends to manufacture medical ID cards, does it? It sounds more like a community activist event aimed at “organizing” people to get the word out about Obama’s healthcare policies, doesn’t it?

In any case, with the shady or nearly non-existent business history, the many unannounced connections to ACORN, to Obama and various other community organizer groups, and the lack of a manufacturing plant, it is more likely that this company is just another shell corporation for ACORN or ACORN-like activities to hide behind.

So why all the mystery, why the refusal to really inform the Florence community as to what this corporation really intends to do? With the illegal activities connected to so many of these community organizing groups, it’s not a shock that such ties would be hidden from view.

Florence better be very careful about this one. Let’s hope the Better Business Bureau doesn’t just drop its investigation and Florencers can become fully informed about what this Smosska Corporation is really up to.

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Unknown said...

It isn't so much their manufactured voters but the real objective is to create voter apathy so they don't participate in a 'rigged and corrupt system'.

More votes will be effected by that than any amount of bogus registration they can do.