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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Barack Obama and the Jewish Fast of Tisha B'av

The Jewish Fast of Tisha B'Av begins tonight at sundown. Like Yom Kippur, it is one of only two full day fasts on the Jewish Calendar. Unlike Yom Kippur, it is a sad mournful fast.

This fast always reminds me of my Mom. When I was a kid I would cry at the drop of the hat, my mom would tell me that if I continued to cry she would give me something real to cry about. Many of my friends claim that it was their parents that invented that saying, but in actuality it was God who invented it, and he was talking about Tisha B'Av.

When Moses sent twelve spies into Canaan, ten of them came back with a report that the land was unconquerable. The fledgling Israeli nation could never defeat those Canaanite Giants, they claimed There were cries throughout the Children of Israel asking Moses to take them back to Egypt. They forgot all about God, and his promise to help us conquer the land. That was the first Tisha B'Av. God's response was not only the generation that knew slavery would die out in the desert, but Tisha B'Av will be a horrible day for the Jews, until the coming of the Messiah. In other words,like my mom God would give us something real to cry about.

From that day forward, horrible things have happened to the Jewish people on or around Tisha B'Av. Some of them include:

  • The First Temple was destroyed
  • The Second Temple was destroyed
  • Bar Kokhba's revolt against Rome failed
  • In 1290 King Edward I expelled the Jews from England
  • In 1492 the deadline for Jews to leave Spain, Convert or Die
  • The beginning of WWI –which lead directly to the rise of Hitler
  • 1941 Hermann Göring ordered SS general Reinhard Heydrich to make all the necessary preparations for the Final Solution.
  • The first transports reached Treblinka and the extermination of the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto began on July 23, 1942, Tisha B'av
  • In 1955 El Al Flight 402 was shot down over Bulgarian airspace on the 8th of Av.
  • The AMIA Bombing (Asociación Mutua Israelita Argentina) by terrorists in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which killed 86 and wounded more than 120, was on July 18, 1994, the 10th of Av.
  • In 2004, Barack Obama Gave the Keynote speech at the Democratic Convention on Tisha B'av and was crowned the heir apparent of the Democratic Party. He just might prove to be the most anti-Israel President ever.
  • The Disengagement from Gaza began on the 10th of Av, leading to years of rocket bombardment from Hamas
  • On the 17th of Tammuz in 2009 (the day the walls of Jerusalem were breached leading to the destruction of the Temple) US President Barack Obama called on Israel to give up its claims to the most holy part of the City.
  • The Week of Tisha B'av in 2009 President Obama sent four representatives to Israel, pressuring her to stop settlement construction, and not to attack a country dedicated to destroy her, before it becomes a nuclear power.
That first Tisha B'Av occurred because we didn't trust God and his promise to give us the land of Israel. In a way our collective egos were too big, even if we felt that we were unworthy of God's reward, as some scholars believe, it was still an ego issue. We felt that we knew better than God. That he wouldn't keep his promise.

Thirty-five hundred years later we are still weighted down by our large egos. Many American Jewish leaders seek to gain favor from an anti-Israel President. Other psuedo leaders such as J-Street, are selling-out their people funded by someone who was born Jewish but rejects its precepts and beliefs (George Soros).

Thirty-five hundred years ago, Israel said they could not conquer the land and were punished. Today many Jews still show no faith in God and God's promise. Even worse, support a United States President, who fittingly has his own ties to Tisha B'av, and who would seemingly have the Jewish State destroyed.

On this Tisha B'Av, as well as every other day, I will pray that we wake up before it is too late.


Findalis said...

We are being punished. He sent us Barack Hussein Obama.

Anonymous said...

See also

DovBear said...

Ok none of those expulsions actually happened on tisha bav. This is well documented. Also the WWi and WWII things didnt happen on Tisha Bav either. Google Josh Yuter for proof.

Finally shame on you for turning a Tisha Bav dvar torah into yet another crappy anti-Obama polemic.

Maria said...

I am an American Christian and I am joining today in the Fast of Tisha B'Av in solidarity with Israel. I am touched by the current relevance of the Book of Lamentations and I cannot see how anyone can separate themselves from from the collective "us" whom have done wrong and are being punished. This is a time of sobriety and self-reflection and of true repentance. I do not agree with the decisions of my country's political administration, and I am in repentance for this today as well as for the transgressions of our culture and society, at home and globally. May the spirit of true repentance fall on us all today as we reflect on Tisha B'Av.

Daniel said...

Finally shame on you for turning a Tisha Bav dvar torah into yet another crappy anti-Obama polemic.

what better day than Tisha Bav to drive home more points on this anti-Israel racist president.
Besides it is better than your pro Obama House Jew panagerics

Sum Dum Phool said...

Gosh... I can't escape from DovBear's Obama worship even though I stopped wasting my top on his blog months ago!