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Monday, July 6, 2009

Rasmussen - America to Democrats NO SECOND STIMULUS !!

American voters believe the economy is in trouble. According to Rasmussen. only 10% of adults rate the U.S. economy good or excellent while 55% rate it as poor. While 13% of men give the economy positive ratings, only 7% of women do the same. Investors agree, only 12% give the economy good or excellent ratings while 51% rate it as poor. 

Despite the fact that America believes that the Economy is in the dumps,voters do not want another stimulus.

Rasmussen adds that sixty percent (60%) of U.S. voters now oppose the passage of a second economic stimulus plan this year, a five-point increase in opposition since the issue was first raised in March. In fact, a June study reported that Americans want the government to cancel the rest of the first stimulus.

As one would expect eighty-one percent (81%) of Republicans oppose a second stimulus. More striking is the fact that two-thirds of independent (66%) are against passage of a second stimulus plan. Democrats of course support a second stimulus but barely, only  (45%) like the idea. Voters  are not satisfied with the first spending bill, 31% say it has helped the economy and 30% say it has hurt.

Three quarters of voters  believe that a large amount of money in the first stimulus plan will be wasted due to inadequate government oversight.

Very interesting is the fact that 54% off all Americans believe that the average Democratic Congressman is too liberal for them, 25% believe that the average Republican Congressman is two liberal for them, a reflection of the fact that Democrats are too liberal and Republicans have moved off track over the past few years. Republican candidates should see this as a warning.

America is not Happy with the way government is handling the economy, maybe it's time to write/tweet your congressmen and senators to let them know your feelings.

1* In February, Congress and the President enacted a $787 billion dollar stimulus package designed to help the economy. Some people say that another stimulus package will be needed soon. Would you favor or oppose passage of another economic stimulus package this year?
27% Favor
60% Oppose
13% Not sure

2* How likely is it that Congress and the President will try to pass another economic stimulus package this year? 
34% Very likely 
34% Somewhat likely 
17% Not very likely 
3% Not at all likely 
12% Not sure

3* In political terms, is the average Democrat in Congress more liberal than you are, more conservitive, or about the same as you ideologically?

54% The average Democrat in Congress is more liberal than you are 
13% More conservative 
26% About the same 
7% Not sure

4* Okay… In political terms, is the average Republican in Congress more liberal than you are, more conservative, or about the same as you ideologically? 
25% The average Republican in Congress is more liberal than you are 
36% More conservative 
33% About the same 
6% Not sure

5* Fine… Is the representative in Congress from your district more liberal than you are, more conservative, or about the same as you ideologically? 
28% Your representative in Congress is more liberal than you are
21% More conservative 
44% About the same 
8% Not sure

Maybe the reason America does not like the Stimulus is found on Michele Maklin's blog

Nearly 4 in 10 Americans say their views are growing more conservative. Despite the results of the 2008 presidential election, Americans, by a 2-to-1 margin, say their political views in recent years have become more conservative rather than more liberal, 39% to 18%, with 42% saying they have not changed. While independents and Democrats most often say their views haven’t changed, more members of all three major partisan groups indicate that their views have shifted to the right rather than to the left

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