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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Is Glen Beck's Vacation "Forced'? SHAME on FOX NEWS!

The White House be having trouble selling America on the President's health care plan,  but he might have gotten his first real victory in his battle to overturn the first Amendment right to free speech.

The TVNewser blog  has talked to Tipsters inside Fox News who are telling them that  Glenn Beck's vacation this week from his Fox News show was not planned. They reported that Beck was told to take this week off to let some of the heat surrounding him die down. That heat began July 28 on "Fox & Friends" when Beck said he thought Pres. Obama has "a deep-seated hatred for white people," adding, "This guy is, I believe, a racist." 

Leading the charge against Beck is Van Jones , officially  president Obama's special adviser for enterprise and innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality (the green jobs Czar), Van Jones' group Colors of Change was instrumental in keeping the heat on Fox and Beck:
The media watchdog exposed Van Jones is a co-founder of Colors of Change. The group's executive director is James Rucker, who previously served as director of Grassroots Mobilization for the radical
Of course Jones affiliation with Colors of Change was covered up right away.Immediately following NewsBusters report, Colors of Change scrubbed its site of any mention of Jones. However, a Google cache of the site lists Jones as a founder. mobilized an effort to get advertisers to pull their spots from Beck's show. Earlier this month, a Fox News spokesperson told TVNewser that the advertisers simply moved their spots from Beck to other programs, "so there has been no revenue lost."

But the list of advertisers grew to 20 and so did the resolve inside FNC that something more should be done.
Insiders note the ColorofChange movement is new territory for FNC. Other opinion hosts, including Sean Hannity, have not experienced an advertiser backlash.

The cooling off period this week seems to be working. The opinion coming from media watchers is that, in the end, Beck's not going anywhere, that he's too valuable to Fox News right now. Others have written that these advertiser boycotts don't work in the first place.

Beck's show Monday was taped, while Judge Napolitano has been sitting in this week. And, what does Beck have to say about all this? We'll see on Monday when he returns to the Fox News airwaves.

Perhaps its time to call/write or email Fox News and give them your opinion of their "forced" vacation of Glenn Beck.


Oxmyx said...

If this is true, it's doubly outrageous. Beck is the best thing to happen to Fox, and I watch him faithfully. Thanks for exposing this.

Yochana said...

Beck was right. Obama is a racist. He couldn't have attended the "church" he did or have the associations he has without being one. As the expression goes, "You are who you hang out with."