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Sunday, August 9, 2009

New Poll: Israelis Think Obama is Betraying Israel

If you ask the propagandists at J-Street, the NJDC, or within the White House itself, most Israelis support President Obama as a fair mediator for Middle East peace. Of course if you ask Israelis, Baarack Obamas one sided anti-Israel rants about settlements and Jerusalem convince them that the American President would throw them under the nearest bus the first chance he gets.

The latest War and Peace Index poll conducted by the University of Tel Abiv reveals that almost two thirds of the Israeli public feel that President Obama is anti-Israel, the majority of Israeli public thinks sovereignty over Jerusalem indisputable, giving Israel the right to build anywhere in the capital and 53% support PM's foreign policy.

According to the data, some 66% of the Jewish public believes that Israel should continue building in Jerusalem since its sovereignty over the city is indisputable, and therefore it has the right to build anywhere in the capital.

Twenty-seven percent opposed the continuation of building in Jerusalem and the rest said they have no clear stand on the matter.

The majority of those polled also said they support Netanyahu's foreign policy, with 53% saying they approved of the government's conduct. Some 33%, who also affiliated themselves with the Labor and Meretz parties, said they oppose the prime minister's foreign policy.

The survey suggests that the Jewish public's support of foreign policy derives from the perception the US President Barack Obama is pro-Palestinian, a notion 46% of the participants subscribe to; 31% believe that Obama is neutral and 7% said he is pro-Israeli.

Nevertheless, when asked if the US president is likely to preserve Israel's interests in the long run, only 26% said they believed he would do so, compared with 68% who believe he would not.
So far the President's Middle East Policy has alienated our number one ally in the region and at the same time has not gotten the promised peaceful response from the Arab World. Nice going Mr. President !

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it is good to see israelis coming to their senses about obama.

he means to see the destruction of the israeli state, and that is all there is to it.

john jay
milton freewater, oregon usa"