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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Keith Olbermann's HEAD Explodes Because of Van Jones

Well its finally happened, Goofball Sportscaster turned full time goofball Keith Olbermannn finally had an explosion in his shrinking cranium. Personally I thought he had totally lost it when he started calling the comparing Bin Laden's driver's legal battle an example of urinating on the constitution:
So, besides urinating on the Constitution and the rights and freedoms every American soldier has ever fought to win and protect, the Bush administration has now decided that when its victims have actually served their sentences, doled out under its own medieval, quote, "justice," unquote, system, it still might not choose to set them free, thereby giving that Constitution and our country a second pass on the way out.
Or last year on 9/11 when the political campaigns both vowed to be non political (no political appearances, no attack ads) this festering boil on the backside of TVs, claimed that John McCain hijacked 9/11 turning it into a political commodity (and trust me-he meant to use the word HIJACKED). He placed the entire blame of 9/11 on the criminal negligence of George Bush and Rudy Giuliani (as if Bill Clinton never existed). Then he went on to say that the Republican party was wrong for remembering 9/11 during its convention.

But nothing has prepared the Pundit turned lunatic for the resignation of Van Jones and the possibility, that Obama's other Czars may be outed also, like maybe Cass Sunstein. Olbermann left this manic message on his Daily Kos column ten hours after the resignation of Van Jones:
Send Me Everything You Can Find About Glenn Beck
by Keith Olbermann

I don't know why I've got this phrasing in my head, but: Find everything you can about Glenn Beck, Stu Burguiere, and Roger Ailes.

No, even now, I refuse to go all caps.

No, sending me links to the last two Countdowns with my own de-constructions of his biblical vision quality Communist/Fascist/Socialist/Zimbalist art at Rockefeller Center (where, curiously, he works, Comrade) doesn't count. Nor does sending me links to specious inappropriate point-underscoring prove-you're-innocent made-up rumors.
Keith Olbermann's diary :: ::

Tuesday we will expand this to the television audience and have a dedicated email address to accept leads, tips, contacts, on Beck, his radio producer Burguiere, and the chief of his tv enablers, Ailes (even though Ailes' power was desperately undercut when he failed to pull off his phony "truce" push).

This becomes necessary after this in order to prove various cliches about goose and gander, and to remind everybody to walk softly and carry a big popsicle, and most particularly to save this nation from the Oligarhy of The Stupid.

I keep wondering if somewhere somebody named Ollie Garhey thinks he's in charge now. Or, even more entertainingly and societally satisfying, if somebody named Ali Garhi does.

Despite the worn-out snark above, I am in earnest here.
 You notice the Sultan of Stupidity doesn't argue with the facts of Van Jones or Sunstein, heck who knows if he has (or can) read them. Is Olberman comfortable with having a 9/11 truther in the government? Surely even he cant be that crazy? Is Olbermann comfortable with the vetting process?  Is does he agree with Sunstein and Jones own words?

Olbermann does not really give a hoot about the future of America, he only sees policy a political battle only cares about who wins and who loses. That is the main difference between frothing liberals like Olberman and Conservative Commentators.  Conservatives care about the future of America, liberals care about winning America for their way.


Unknown said...

"Surely even he cant be that crazy?"

Are you KIDDING???? Have you ever watched Countdown? The guy is crazier than a sh*t house rat.

Michael said...

I never watch MSNBC, but have seen his rants on You Tube and other sites. I didn't know he was a sportscaster at one time until recently.

So, why doesn't someone collect everything there is to know about Olber-douche and his producers and post it online (with links/references to all sources)? This is classic liberal intimidation. Going after Beck's producer. Why? So he can affect that person's future employment? He is probably a fan of Stalin. Olber-douche is the classic example of a fascist.

Unknown said...

We can assume that Olberman wants communisn by his actions. We can also assume that his job is going along with MSNBC for not reporting the news correctly. Olberman my not want the Beck machine looking at him.