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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Iran Says NO To Nuke Deal--Fools Obama Again

Iranian President Ahmadinejad OWNS Barack Obama. He understands how badly the American POTUS wants his outreach to work, and the Iranian keeps playing rope-a-dope with the Nuclear negotiations making Obama look foolish.

Today was no different, for the second time since Obama's outreach began, the Iranian despot said no to a nuke deal that pretty much done.

  Iran told the United Nations nuclear watchdog on Thursday that it would not accept a plan its negotiators agreed to last week to send its stockpile of uranium out of the country, according to diplomats in Europe and American officials briefed on Iran’s response.

The apparent rejection of the deal could unwind President Obama’s effort to buy time to resolve the nuclear standoff.

In public, neither the Iranians nor the watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, revealed the details of Iran’s objections, which came only hours after Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, insisted that “we are ready to cooperate” with the West.

But the European and American officials said that Iranian officials had refused to go along with the central feature of the draft agreement reached on Oct. 21 in Vienna: a provision that would have required the country to send about three-quarters of its current known stockpile of low-enriched uranium to Russia to be processed and returned for use in a reactor in Tehran used to make medical isotopes.

If Iran’s stated estimate of its stockpile of nuclear fuel is accurate, that will leave the country with too little fuel to manufacture a weapon until the stockpile is replenished with additional fuel, which Iran is producing in violation of United Nations Security Council mandates.
Its not as if the POTUS wasn't warned that the Iranians would only be using his outreach as a delaying tactic.
The Obama administration was anticipating that Iran would seek to back out of the deal, and in recent days the head of the nuclear agency, Mohamed ElBaradei, traveled secretly to Washington to talk about what to do if that happened, according to several American officials. Last weekend, President Obama called President Dmitri A. Medvedev of Russia and President Nicolas Sarkozy of France in an effort to maintain a unified front in dealing with Tehran’s leadership.

Of course Elbaradei is not trustworthy, he i has done all that he can to help Iran in its effort to build a bomb, and as he enters his last few days before he gets booted out of office, he is doing all he can to give the terrorist state one more boost for its war-mongering intentions. First when he scheduled the inspection of Iran's newly found nuclear facility in three weeks giving the regime extra time to hide the evidence. In the mean time then he came out with the charge that it is not Iran, but it is Israel that is the most dangerous threat to the Middle East. It will be difficult to believe that he is trying to bring Iran under control now.

A senior European official characterized the Iranian response as “basically a refusal.” The Iranians, he said, want to keep all of their lightly enriched uranium in the country until receiving fuel bought from the West for the reactor in Tehran.

“The key issue is that Iran does not agree to export its lightly enriched uranium,” the official said. “That’s not a minor detail. That’s the whole point of the deal.”

When Obama became his party's nominee, many thought his "outreach to Iran" policy was evidence of his naivete. Now that he has tried to implement the strategy the results prove that the worries were correct. The POTUS has shown himself to be a weak leader and his appeasement of Iran is only making the world a more dangerous place.

Somewhere in Iran a voice can be heard. It is the Iranian President Ahmadinejad who is saying the same thing over and over, "Hey Barack--Who's Your Daddy?"

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Anonymous said...

I wonder when science will break the genome code for what makes Democrats so weak in the area of National Security?