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Saturday, November 28, 2009

ADL Ignores Its Mission And Becomes Just Another Obama Apologist Working to Stifle Dissent

The Anti-Defamation League started with good intentions,
The Anti-Defamation League was founded in 1913 "to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment to all." Now the nation's premier civil rights/human relations agency, ADL fights anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry, defends democratic ideals and protects civil rights for all.
But in more recent years it has become a tool of it's leadership's desire to push its Liberal/Progressive agenda.

For example in here are some of the ADL's position papers supporting the liberal agenda:
Now the ADL is trashing the Tea Party Movement. Calling it part of the "New Rage in America".

A quick read of this White Paper show the group has totally abandoned its mission to fight anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry, and is using its donated tax-free funds to concentrate on a political agenda, the President's mission to silence all dissent to his policy.

Tea Parties: At any rally attended by hundreds of thousands of people there are a few wackos. There were some people at the Tea Parties who held signs that were inappropriate and even offensive. These people were few and far between. The overwhelming majority of the people at the rallies were average folks upset at too much government spending and taxation. In the section about Tea Parties, the ADL seeks to minimalize the movement by branding the protesters as people misusing the Holocaust, Nazi imagery or White Supremacists.

  • Created by Fox News or other conservative outlets? Playing into the "AstroTurf propaganda pushed by the Democrats:
The Tea Party movement is made up of individuals and groups, at the grass-roots level and from established conservative organizations, who plan and attend rallies around the country to express their anger at the government. Some conservative media outlets, such as the FOX News Network, have also played a role in promoting Tea Parties.
  • The President is a Socialist or even worse. Again the Nazi illusions are wrong. But overall they are refuting the claims with out any facts. The President ran as a socialist in 1996 in Illinois, and his public call for redistributing wealth is a basic tenet of Socialism, he has appointed many self declared Marxists to his administration... what would they call it? When the President abrogated the rights of the primary lenders of Chrysler and GM to give to the Union, the president broke the constitution.
While most people attending Tea Party events claim they harbor no extreme views, many of the ideas they promote fall outside the mainstream, especially the more conspiratorial ones. Angry protesters have frequently made claims ranging from proclaiming Obama’s “socialist” intentions to making explicit Nazi comparisons to suggesting that the President is defying or even subverting the Constitution.

  • The Tea Party movement is bi-partisan yet they continue to label it as a Fox News/Conservative movement. Maybe Fox stands out because the rest of the media refused to cover it. The ADL also criticizes Tea Party-ers as venting anger against Obama, like its a horrible thing He is the President who put through many of the objectionable policies, who else should they blame?
Building on this suggestion, people and groups upset with Obama and his policies organized Tea Parties across the country. Conservative and grass-roots groups began promoting a bigger, more organized set of Tea Parties on April 15 (the income tax filing deadline). The idea caught on and a number of conservative pundits and bloggers, as well as media personalities on FOX News, heavily promoted the event. At Tea Parties held in locales across the country, attendees expressed frustration and anger at the government bailout plan, with President Obama as the focal point of their rage. A number of conservative organizations and elected officials participated in the Tea Parties. Some local protests reportedly attracted as many as a few thousand people.

  • Then they return to the right wing crazy argument. Notice how the describe the "over the top incidents as one lady or one report? That's because they were few and far between but you wouldn't know it based on their report.
....During the April 15 protests, signs depicting President Obama as Hitler began to appear as some protesters equated his bailout plan with socialism or Nazism. Some speakers claimed that Obama was intent on taking away civil liberties by destroying the Constitution or the American way of life. According to one report on a rally in Beacon, South Carolina, various speakers talked about “taking back the nation.” A local Republican Party chairwoman at the event described participants as “people standing up for their Constitution…They’re ready to fight for their country. Socialism is being pushed and we don’t want any part of it.” At a rally in Madison, Wisconsin, one woman reportedly even had a sign comparing President Obama to the anti-Christ.

    • According to the ADL the tea party movement morphed into a conspiracy following, group of crazies.They use the example that a few protesters were "birthers." They know very well that the "birther" movement is outside the mainstream of the tea party movement and also has been discredited by most conservatives. Maybe they should mention that the POTUS appointed Van Jones, a 9/11 truther. Using the same ADL measuring stick, that would make the entire Obama Administration a bunch of truthers.
At later events, demonization of President Obama became more common and began to morph into more anti-government conspiratorial thinking. On July 4, numerous rallies once more were staged across the country. At one rally in Ventura, California, a common theme again emerged. A man who later posted his video to YouTube said, “We want our America back which is being stolen by Barack Obama.” He later talked about Obama bringing socialism to the country. People also held up signs at the rally asking for Obama’s birth certificate. Obama’s alleged lack of a U.S. birth certificate [See The ‘Birther’ Movement] became another piece of the “proof” that he was a usurper intent on destroying America’s freedom.
Two years ago I was working on the case of Laurie Richter,Ft. Lauderdale resident. Laurie's condo wanted to start fining Ms Richter because the management of the Condo had a ban on displaying objects on "public space." The ban applied to Mezuzahs, Jewish religious symbols, but not Christmas wreaths. See Jew Hatred in Our (other) Ancestral Homeland: Florida. When the ADL was called to help Ms Richter out they refused as the issue was too small for them. It was only after the Florida Attorney General and Legislators were contacted by myself and others, was Ms. Richter's problems solved.

The ADL continues to ignore its mission so its leadership can become leaders in the Progressive Movement. For those of you who donate to the organization maybe you should re-evaluate that donation and give those funds elsewhere. If you want to comment on the ADL's trashing of the tea party movement, Click Here to arrive at its comments page.

RS McCain (The Good McCain) has more about the ADL Here

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Unknown said...

Hi Sammy,

Thanks for sharing this blog. I agree with your sentiments. It would be nice if the ADL would begin to refocus their efforts on what their founders designed their mission statement around. While I do believe that they have good intentions, I think they need stronger leadership to help refocus and support Jewish causes and a major effort to permanently end anti-semitism.

Thank you again for fighting the good fight and for all your help!!

PS - I'm in talks with Congresswoman Wasserman-Schultz' office to see if we can get a federal bill together to allow mezuzot at all condos / apartments as we did in the State of Florida.