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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fort Hood Terrorist: Yet ANOTHER Red Flag Ignored

Almost every day since the Major Nidal Hasan waged a horrific terror attack against his fellow soldiers at Fort Hood two weeks ago, there has been another part of Nidal's history revealed that should have raised a red flag about the Palestinian Islamist.

Many of the revelations surround radical Imam, Anwar al Awlaki. When it was first revealed that Hasan had contacted the Imam via E-mail, we were told that the correspondence was very benign, it fit in with the research he was doing on PTSD. According to a new report from ABC, the emails were not as mainstream as initially reported:
United States Army Major Nidal Hasan told a radical cleric considered by authorities to be an al-Qaeda recruiter, "I can't wait to join you" in the afterlife, according to an American official with top secret access to 18 e-mails exchanged between Hasan and the cleric, Anwar al Awlaki, over a six month period between Dec. 2008 and June 2009.

"It sounds like code words," said Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, a military analyst at the Center for Advanced Defense Studies. "That he's actually either offering himself up or that he's already crossed that line in his own mind."

Code words, YOU THINK? And it didn't cross anyone's mind that that Nisan was going to join the Imam in the afterlife as a Martyr? Either way it sure doesn't sound like research on PTSD.
Other messages include questions, the official with access to the e-mails said, that include when is jihad appropriate, and whether it is permissible if there are innocents killed in a suicide attack.

"Hasan told Awlaki he couldn't wait to join him in the discussions they would having over non-alcoholic wine in the afterlife," the official said.
HELLO?? Someone read read this and didn't say this guy is dangerous? I guess not because the report said that two different FBI task forces read the intercepted emails, but deemed them innocent.
"The choice of this recipient of emails says a lot about what Hasan was looking for," said Senator Joseph Lieberman, chair of the Senate's Homeland Security committee. Lieberman's committee held a hearing on the Fort Hood shootings, and announced that it was launching an investigation.

"What I'm getting at," said Lieberman, "Is he may have been looking for spiritual sanctions for what he's accused of ultimately doing."

The American-born Awlaki is considered a recruiter for al-Qaeda. He has been in hiding since the shooting, but a Yemeni journalist told ABC News today that the e-mails show Hasan was "almost a member of al-Qaeda."

It doesn't really matter if Hasan had an al-Quada membership card in his wallet, or sent a few box tops to some PO Box in Indiana to get the al-Qaeda secret decoder ring, it is obvious that political correctness caused investigators to miss all the red flags that would identified Major Hasan as an Islamic terrorist.

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