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Friday, November 27, 2009

Gallup Poll: America Wants KSM to Receive Military Trial

According to the latest Gallup Poll America believes that Eric Holder is WRONG ! Barack Obama is Wrong ! By an overwhelming 59% to 36% margin, Americans believe that 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his gang of killers should be tried in a military court

Republicans (74%) and independents(63%) overwhelmingly believe the trial should be held in a Military Tribunal.  The President's Democratic base disagrees as a slight majority  (51%) feel the trials should be held in a civilian court.

 Either way around three-quarters of voters, GOP, Dem, and Independent believe if  KSM is convicted they should be put to death.

Public opinion is a bit less contrary to Holder's decision regarding the venue for the trial. Although the majority of Americans (51%) say Mohammed should face trial somewhere other than New York City, 42% -- slightly higher than the percentage favoring a civilian trial -- support holding the trial in the city where the vast majority of Americans lost their lives on Sept. 11.

The legal framework of Mohammed's case has clearly shifted along with the new jurisdiction, as he will now be granted certain constitutional rights and protections that would not have been afforded him in a military tribunal. Nevertheless, 7 in 10 Americans -- including a high proportion of all party groups -- believe it is very likely Mohammed will be found guilty. Only 6% think a guilty verdict is unlikely.

The Poll also shows that Americans fear the way the trial will be handled. The guilt of these defendants is a moot point...they already confessed. Last year they told a judge they wanted to plead guilty. They said that they wanted to be executed so they could be martyred, meet Allah, and get their 72 ugly virgins.  Their lawyers have already announced they the victim on trial...that would be United States.

It will be the architects of the war on terror that will be called as witnesses in the trial by the defense along the methods and techniques of the CIA, military and intelligence operatives will be put on trial, not the terrorists.

The possibility that the federal trial would give Mohammed and the four others to be tried in New York a platform for airing their political views was raised last week, after a lawyer for one of the accused announced that the five defendants intend to plead not guilty for the express purpose of being able to "get their message out" in the trial.

Overall, 59% of Americans are at least somewhat concerned that a trial will give Mohammed such an opportunity; however, significantly fewer -- 34% -- are "very concerned." Among partisans, most of the differentiation in views on this question is seen in the percentages very concerned, ranging from 50% of Republicans to 34% of independents and 21% of Democrats.

Will the strong negative opinion  have any influence on the POTUS and his team of progressive Democrats? Its doubtful, they have ignored public opinion in just about every political stance they have taken since January 21, 2009, there is no indication that they will care what America thinks now.

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