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Friday, November 13, 2009

Terror Trial Move Designed to Create an American Nuremberg: Bush Administration Will Be The Real Defendant

In a move expected but feared, self-proclaimed Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other Guantanamo Bay detainees will be brought to trial in a civilian federal courthouse in New York, blocks from site of the devastating 2001 terror attacks. Prosecutors expect to seek the death penalty.

While the opponents of the move are fearful of moving the trial from a Military Tribunal in Gitmo, to a civilian court in NY may make it easier for the terrorist be found innocent, that is not the real problem with the move. Neither is the worry that New York will become a an ever bigger target for al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

The terrorist cases are being moved to civilian court is to make his left wing supporters happy by putting George Bush, his administration, the CIA, military and intelligence operatives on trial, in the number one media city in the world home of the liberal Media, NYC.

Liberals will tell you that the trial was moved so the terrorists could receive justice, a  fair trial with all of the defendant rights that a civilization court offers. Problem is the guilt of these defendants is a moot point...they already confessed. They said that they wanted to be executed so they could be martyred, meet Allah, and get their 72 ugly virgins. A year ago Mohammed and his four co-defendants told the judge that they wished to confess and plead guilty to all charges. The only reason they held off is because the judge could not guarantee the death penalty. Because they already confessed, the only strategy their lawyers will take is to put the victim on!

All of these people will be called as witnesses in the trial by the defense, the methods and techniques of the CIA, military and intelligence operatives will be put on trial, not the terrorists, all with the purpose of sating the liberal desire to "hang" the Bush administration and reveal to the terrorists and the rest of the world, the secret ways that the government has been protecting the United States.

The horrible effect of moving this trial to NY surrounds the rules of evidence. During the discovery process the defense can get hold of just about everything including. How were they tracked and found? Which agents? What methods and equipment? Where was everything located?  What methods were used to get information from the terrorists? what kind of enhanced interrogation techniques? Who interrogated the terrorists?  Who approved the methods? Where were they held? And so much more

This is going to be another OJ trial.  As you may remember, after he murdered his wife and Ron Goldman, OJ was not put on trial, the LAPD especially Det. Mark Fuhrman was put on trail. The defense alleged that Fuhrman had planted the glove at Simpson's house and that the analysis finding that the hair could be Brown's could not be reliable. Defense attorney Johnny Cochran told the jury Fuhrman  was like Adolf Hitler. Cochran called Fuhrman "a genocidal racist, a perjurer, America's worst nightmare and the personification of evil."

Sure, there is the possibility that a judge could throw out all of the evidence and they can be acquitted, but it is more likely that the heroes who are protecting this country will be dragged through the mud. And the best part about it for the President and Attorney General is the blame for crucifying our heroes, and releasing state secrets will be placed solely on the head of the Judge.  Their hands remain clean. And don't think for one moment they didn't plan it that way.

True it will make NY a bigger target for terrorists. Liberals will tell you that the trial of the "Blind Sheik," Abdel-Rahman who planned the first World Trade Tower bombing took place in NY and nothing happened. I guess they never heard about 9/11.

So get ready for the trial of the century, as Barack Obama, the man who said he wants to improve the reputation of the United States puts America on trial before the world. Its a show trial, designed to embarrass, politically kill off his predecessors. They can't put an axe in the back of their heads like Stalin did to Trotsky, so this will just have to suffice.


Jonah Johansen said...

When I heard about this outrage this morning. I came to the same conclusion. They not only want to put the Bush administration on trial they want the charges to be dismissed or the prosecution to collapse because of the Bush Administrations unconstitutional violations of the defendants rights.
I think they grossly underestimate the American public and over estimate their media divisions ability to warp public opinion.

Greta said...

Agree with you and also it is hoped to be a deversion from the poor first year track record of Barry Obama and his team of nutjobs in congressinal leadership. It is also to help shore up his far left wing base.

Moremony services said...

One or more of them was ready to get the death penalty until Obama pulled the plug on that. What better way to demonstrate to the people of New York how absolutely terrible Obama and Holder are than to have them flaunt KSM under New Yorkers noses in a trial they cannot win.