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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Et Tu MSNBC ? The Olbermann Network's Latest Poll Joins Others Showing Obamacare Opposition

I wonder if MSNBC's professional moonbat Keith Olbermann is going to give his own  network that worst person in the world designation. Today, the most "in the tank for Obama" network released a poll that showed most people in the country are against Obamacare and public opinion is sinking quickly.
As the Senate sprints to pass a health-care bill by Christmas, the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds that those believing President Obama's health-reform plan is a good idea has sunk to its lowest level. Just 32 percent say it's a good idea, versus 47 percent who say it's a bad idea. In addition, for the first time in the survey, a plurality prefers the status quo to reform. By a 44-41 percent margin, respondents say it would be better to keep the current system than to pass Obama's health plan.

By comparison, in September's and October's NBC/Journal polls, the American public preferred changing the system to the status quo, 45 to 39 percent.
But if the maestro of moonbattery is going to to pick on his home network, he will also attack the many other outlets that released bad news for Obamacare polls over the past two days:
  • A new Washington Post-ABC News poll found that Americans are generally fearful that a revamped health-care system would bring higher costs and worse care. Fifty-one percent of poll respondents said they oppose the proposed changes for the health-care system, while 44% said they support the proposals from Congress and the White House.
  •  Gallup: a new USA Today/Galluppoll finds public support for such efforts still below the majority level. Forty-six percent of Americans say they would advise their member of Congress to vote for healthcare legislation (or lean toward doing so), while 48% would advise a no vote (or lean in that direction).

    Combined Responses: Would You Advise Your Member of Congress to Vote for or Against a Healthcare Bill This Year? (Would You Lean Toward Advising a Vote for or Against?)
Support had been at or above 50% in September and early October, but slumped to 43% by early November. It has recovered somewhat since then but remains below the earlier levels.
  • On Monday, Rasmussen's latest poll of voters about Obamacare reports 56% of voters are opposed which ties the record low. Along with 56% opposition of Obamacare Rasmussen finds that just 40% of voters favor the health care plan. The passion of the opposition is fierce, 46% strongly oppose Obamacare, only 19% who strongly favor it.
“The most significant detail in the data is that 63% of senior citizens oppose the plan, including 52% who strongly oppose it,” says Scott Rasmussen, president of Rasmussen Reports. “Seniors are significant in this debate both because they use the health care system more than anyone else and because they vote more than younger voters.”
Gee, it looks like all the polls are showing that America hates Obamacare. Maybe Olbermann will choose the entire American Population as the worst people in the world. Oh wait, like most progressives, he already does.

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