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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Obama's Approval Levels Hits New LOW/Harry Reid In BIG Trouble

The more the President pushes his progressive agenda the more America pushes back. The latest Rasmussen Poll shows the President's approval rating at a -16 the lowest it has ever been. The -16 is determined by subtracting those who strongly disapprove of the President's performance (41%) From those who strongly approve (25%). Why this number is interesting is that those who have strong feelings about an issue are more likely to take some action in support of that passion.

Interestingly the 25% who Strongly Approve matches the lowest level of enthusiasm yet recorded and the reason for that level is a the declining enthusiasm among Democrats. Only 43% of Democrats Strongly Approve, which is low for a president of their own party.

Overall 36% now believe that the president is doing a good or an excellent job handling the economy  45% rate his performance in this area as poor. Seventy-one percent of the President's own party says he’s doing a good or excellent job on the economy, 74% of the opposition GOP say he is doing a poor Job, 52% of independents say Obama is doing a poor Job when it comes to the economy.
On national security matters, 39% rate the president’s performance as good or excellent while 36% say poor. Most voters nationwide lack confidence that NATO will do its part to help in Afghanistan. The President’s new plan for Afghanistan draws mixed reviews from voters.

There is also bad news for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Rasmussen is also reporting
Fifty-four percent of Nevada voters oppose the Obamacare plan he is trying to shove down the throats of the Senate, while 44% favor it
More significantly, however, those numbers include 49% who strongly oppose the plan while only 23% strongly favor it

That may be one of the reason Rasmussen report of Reid polling numbers are low. Reid, who earns only 43% of the vote against each of three GOP candidates (Reid  received 61% of the final vote in 2004).
Sharon Lowden, chairman of the Nevada Republican Party and a former state senator, and businessman Danny Tarkanian both pick up 49% of the vote against Reid in the latest survey. Former Assemblywoman Sharron Angle gets 47% of the vote in her match-up with the four-term senator.  In every case, the number who favor some other candidate or are undecided are virtually identical and in single digits.
It seems as if the more Harry Reid plays his little game of "anything for 60 votes on health care," his constituents are playing "anybody but Harry Reid."



TexasFred said...

A loser by any other name is STILL called Obama..

But the BIGGEST loser is the USA...

Because OF Obama...

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Nevertheless, Reid, Obama et al WILL do their level best to FORCE ObamaKare and CapNTax on the citizens of the US; polls and thoughts and wishes of the Electorate be damned.