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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

VIDEO: When Glenn Beck DESTROYED Richard Blumenthal Conn. Senator Heir-Apparent

Chris Dodd has made official today, a year from now there will be a new Senator in Connecticut. Richard Blumenthal presently Connecticut Attorney General, has all but been anointed as Dodd's successor.

Some of you who live outside the Nutmeg State may be wondering where you had heard Blumenthal's name before. That's because on May 30th of 2009, he appeared on the Glenn Beck show, where the Attorney General was ripped for not having the least bit of concern for the law when he went after AIG bonuses(see video below).
"Look, you know what you have done, know what you have done?" Beck said. "You have - you are an insult to George Washington, sir. George Washington made it very clear that we are a respecter of laws, not of men. For your own political gain, you have decided to go after these people at AIG because it is a popular thing."
Gee whiz, why would Connecticut want a Senator who is a political opportunist with no regard for the law. Oh wait....that would make him the perfect successor to Chris Dodd.

ED Driscoll has a longer version of the "Bloodshed" video HERE

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