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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Exclusive: Interview With the King of Moonbats Philip Berg

Yesterday, Phillip Berg, Mr. Birther movement, the man that even the moonbats call a moonbat, showed up looking to get interviewed by the gang in the Bloggers lounge.

Almost everyone in the lounge put their heads down. It was like trigonometry class in high school, the teacher would ask that one question about a tangent ratio and everyone would put their heads down as if they were praying to their God, PLEASE don't let the teacher pick on me. 

But one by one Berg came over to us anyway, and to the credit of blogger's row no one gave him the time of day. Well with the exception of Lee Doren, a man with a camera who wanted to expose the King of Moonbats for what he was,a multi-dimensional moonbat. He is not only the guy who made "Birthers" famous, but a "Truther", a Democrat, and a man who can add numbers in his head>

Lee has allowed me to embed his video here below:

As a coda to the Berg story, last night as I was walking to the ball room for the Ronald Reagan Banquet, Berg was still here, looking sad because (thankfully) no one would talk to him. Don't go away sad Phil, just go away.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It is not too much to ask Obama to produce the same sort of documentation as everyone else who wants a Security clearance.

Only psychics know what's on the paperwork in Hawaii ... who the father is, what the race is, where the birthplace is, what the hospital was, etc.

It'll all probably leak out eventually ... after Obama's one-term presidency has ended.