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Saturday, February 20, 2010

CPAC Saturday Morning, Breitbart Wows, Allahpundit Gets Friendly

The Bloggers Lounge filled up early today, when I arrived at 7AM there were already people there despite the fact that the program didn't start for two hours.
DaTech Guy interviewed ME as soon as I arrived, I hope I didn't say anything stupid

Before this week the only thing I knew about Andrew Breitbart was from his sites and his appearances on Beck and Red Eye.  What I learned over the past few is days his tireless defense of the "little guy" blogger, truth in media along with the fact that he his funny as all heck. Andrew was the second day, he renewed his attack on the lies of the MSM and made me laugh coffee out through my nose. His  message was summed up by this quote:
Mainstream media, the gig is up, You're not on our team. You're not on the American team. You're on the progressive team. We tried to play nice with you, and nice is over.
Andrew If you are reading this, come up to the lounge and say Hi, I want to shake your hand.

 Most of the time, Hot Air's Allahpundit has been a real grouch but today he was very friendly, he even waved hi to me as I took his picture. He is a good-looking guy isn't he.  I understand Scott Brown wants to set him up with one of his daughters, Allah are you married?

I met Cynthia who blogs at A Conservative Lesbian on the Bus to the Blogger Bash, I started reading her blog, and her sense of humanity really shines through in her writing.

Jane Jamison of and Carol Greenberg of the Hot Air Greenroom

Bruce Carroll Editor in Chief of Gay Patriot a good guy and a good blogger.

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