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Monday, February 1, 2010

Is Chuck Schumer In Trouble? (Lets Hope So)

Chuck Schumer is an embarrassment, every time he starts to open there is an involuntary gag reflex. The man does not care about the United States he is 100% partisan. If Elijah the Prophet showed up to announce the coming of the Messiah today (Please God), Schumer would ask Elijah if he was a Democrat or a Republican. And party is only Schumer's second priority his first priority is Chuck Schumer.

New Yorkers may be growing tired of the Schumer act. Rather than listen to the will of the people of NY, Schumer the most hack of political hacks has forgotten who put him in office.  Schumer knows that Harry Reid is in trouble, and wants his job. In his quest to replace Reid after his likely loss in Nevada this November, Schumer has abandoned the interests of his state.

New Yorkers may be liberal but they are not stupid.  According to the latest Marist Poll Schumer’s once rock solid approval rating has dropped significantly
For the first time in nearly nine years, Schumer’s approval rating has fallen below 50%. According to the latest Marist Poll in New York, 47% of registered voters statewide report Schumer is doing either an excellent or good job in office. 31% rate the job he is doing as fair, and 17% view him as performing poorly. This is Schumer’s lowest job approval rating since April 2001 when 49% of voters approved of the job he was doing.

The approval rating of New York’s senior senator has declined over the past couple of months. In Marist’s last survey on January 15th, 51% said Schumer was doing an above average job. In November, he received a thumbs-up from 54% of registered voters in New York, and just last September, his approval rating was 58%.
In four months he has dropped 9%.

Schumer’s decline is most pronounced in New York City. 51% of New York City voters currently give Schumer high marks while 57% did the same two weeks ago, 64% in November, and 66% in September.

“Senator Schumer is not immune from the anti-incumbent sentiment among voters, but it would take a major effort to unseat him,” says Dr. Lee M. Miringoff, Director of The Marist Institute for Public Opinion.

However, this is not Schumer’s lowest approval rating. That occurred in March 2000 when The Marist Poll found 39% of registered voters statewide gave Schumer good grades.
None of this means Chuck Schumer is going to lose his bid for re-election, but it does show some weakness. Little Chucky Schumer might be ripe for the picking. (the full poll follows)

1 comment:

Lee Michel said...

Unseating Chuck Schumer and Louise Slaughter would be huge steps in turning New York State around.

I hope that we can find viable candidates for both seats and let these two know that they have been fired.