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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Obamacare Summit at Half-Time Republican Facts and Presidential Arrogance

Having watched the first three hours of this dreadful show my first reaction is a splitting headache. I found that every time the Republicans scored a political point the President reacted by being dismissive. Additionally he seems to get visibly angry anytime actual facts are used.

I was astounded by Pelosi's line that it is too late to start over. As the old axiom says, there is never enough time to do it right the first time, but there is always enough time to do it right the second time.

Harry Reid boldly lied when he said that no one is talking about reconciliation, EVERYONE is talking about reconciliation. Even Harry, Check out this video on Hot Air.

The Democrats are trying to convince America that there is very little difference between the two sides, an obvious set up toward reconciliation.  They will now try and push through their plan via the nuclear option while saying, "....but its not that different from what the GOP wants. The GOP is just being the party of no."

The key issue between the sides is a matter is of philosophy who do you want to make the decisions, individuals, local and state governments or Washington DC? This was one of the areas that drew a presidential rebuke. When Senator Kyle made that point,  Obama said using the term Washington was just a political talking point. because Americans are angry with Washington. What he doesn't understand is that it's not a political talking point precisely because Americans are angry with Washington. 

Another time the President's dismissive arrogance was seen was John McCain's poorly worded question about transparency. If McCain simply gave two or three examples of how the plan favored some states rather than others and said "Mr. President, will you agree that the bill should treat citizens from all states the same?" He would have made his point. But the President's lack of answer, "John the campaign is over" made him seem rude.

I believe that Eric Cantor shook up the President, he seemed visibly upset that Cantor brought the entire Senate bill as a reference. Again the President seemed dismissive, calling Cantor's shlepping of the entire bill to the meeting " a political prop". Did he really think that Congressman Cantor had the bill memorized?

The President was doing so poorly with Cantor that the SCHMOTUS felt he had to jump in and help.  Of course the POTUS felt the last thing he wanted is help from Joe Biden and cut the SCHMOTUS off.

Overall the GOP seems well prepared, despite what the Democratic party rhetoric, they did have a plan. They were armed with a good knowledge of the Democratic Plan and tons of their own ideas.

In the end unless something major happens in part two, no minds will have been changed and the reconciliation process starts Monday

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