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Friday, March 26, 2010

Congressional Village Idiot Accuses Eric Cantor of Using Nazi Tactics

Congressman Alan Grayson, the Human embarrassment from Florida is up to his old tricks.  The Freshman Congressman who, despite being a rookie has taken over the Village Idiot role in congress won the position with really nasty comments about people. For example, h he said of former Vice President Dick Cheney: “I have trouble listening to what he says sometimes because of the blood that drips from his teeth while he’s talking,” he also called Fox News the enemy of America, a female adviser to the Federal Reserve chairman “a K Street whore," and he speculated that gasoline would only cost a dollar per gallon if former President George W. Bush had let Saudi Prince Abdullah "get to second base"  All that is just a small sample of his putrid venom.

You may remember yesterday Congressman Eric Cantor had an abrupt news conference to talk about how his Richmond office was Shot at on Monday evening.  Part of his statement talked about all of the hatred he receives because he his Jewish.
"I've received threats since I assumed elected office, not only because of my positions, but because I am Jewish," Cantor said.[As House Republican whip, Cantor is the highest elected Jewish politician in the country.]  "I've never blamed anyone in this body for that. Period. Any suggestion that a leader in this body that would incite threats or acts against other members is akin to saying that i would endanger myself, my wife or my children."

Cantor also accused the Democratic party of fanning the flames of hatred, by politicizing the threats they have been receiving  since Obamacare was passed. Whether you agree or disagree with Cantor it was a very emotional presentation, and you can tell that the man was very affected by the incident and the anti-Semitic hatred he has faced.

Grayson appeared on the Alan Colmes show today, and compared Cantor's speech to the Burning of the Reichstag.
Florida Congressman Alan Grayson appeared on radio with me Thursday night and called for the resignation of House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) because of Cantor’s finger-pointing at Democrats for “fanning the flames of threats.”
COLMES: I want to talk about what happened with Eric Cantor’s office, and what Eric Cantor said today. It sounds like he’s accusing Democrats of inciting violence.
GRAYSON: Ah yes, I recall that happening, well, what is it now, 80 years ago – the burning of the Reichstag.
COLMES: I was really surprised that Eric Cantor, who is the Minority Whip, says his office was shot at, OK, and then he literally points fingers at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the Democratic National Committee, saying that they are basically, you know – I want to get his exact words here – fanning the flames, “dangerously fanning the flames.”
GRAYSON: I think he should resign.
COLMES: So you are calling for the resignation of Eric Cantor based on that comment.
COLMES: Resign his leadership post, or resign from the Congress entirely?
GRAYSON (sighing): My goodness. I’m not even sure where he should stop.

Only a human cockroach like Grayson would take a speech where a Jewish Congressman talks about facing anti-Semitism and compare it to an incident used by the Nazis to take away individual rights in Germany. Of course Colmes did not call him out on the disgusting comparison, but then again Colmes is the low-life that said Sarah Palin's pre-natal neglect caused her sons Downs Syndrome.

Grayson's Colmes appearance is on the video below:

That wasn't the only stupid thing Grayson said yesterday, Go to American Power Blog for more.

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Dangerous Dan said...

I'm not surprised. But I do have to ask... who watches Alan Colmes?