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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Obama Approval Sinks To All Time Low, Americans Worried About Unemployment

Is anybody in the White House listening? American Voters don't think so. The latest installment of the Rasmussen tracking poll reports that President Obama's approval index has sunk back down to its lowest level ever -21. Just nine days ago on March first that index was at -12. 

Only 22% of Americans strongly approve of the way Obama is handling the presidency 43% strongly disapprove and the numbers are only that positive because amongst the Democrats 42% of Democrats strongly approve (72% of Republicans strongly disapprove). The real danger for Obama is that independents are at a -28, 17% strongly approve and 45% strongly disapprove. Independents are the block that will make or break any political campaign.

Part of the reason for the crash is the President's continued push toward health care and his lack of concentration on the economy. American voters are worried about unemployment and think things are going to get worse.

Thirty-four percent (34%) of Americans expect the unemployment rate in the United States to be higher a year from today. That marks a five-point increase from December,  29% believe the unemployment rate will be lower in a year’s time, unchanged form the previous survey. Another 29% think the level of joblessness will be about the same, a nine-point drop from December.

Think about what has happened in the past nine days and you will see more evidence why the Obama's ratings continue to fall rapidly. The President continues to push the health plan that no one outside of the progressive movement wants. He released the revised version of his healthcare plan, taking nothing substantial from the republican proposals. The CBO released their analysis of Obama's budget and showed he underestimated its deficit effects by over a trillion dollars and the president had begun its work on amnesty for illegal immigrants another unpopular effort, and that's just a start. 

Clearly the voters are trying to send the President a message, clearly he is not listening.

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