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Saturday, April 3, 2010

ACORN "it's alive...It's Alive!...IT'S ALIVE!!"

Barney Frank will be sleep tonight, Jerry Brown will be able to smile in the morning, and Jerrold Nadler will be able to go back to his favorite all-you-can-eat-buffet.

For progressives all will be right with the world because somewhere in a dark, dank dungeon, a lightning bolt has struck the inanimate object and brought Barack Obama's favorite community organizers back to life. And if you listen closely you can hear the evil genius scream, "ACORN it's alive...It's Alive! .... IT'S  ALIVE!!"

After announcing that the group will be dead as of April 1, ACORN is set to announce that it very much alive.

 Acorn plans to release a letter next week clarifying its path forward and stating that its local chapters may be closed, but the national organization is alive and well.

“You will continue to hear from Acorn — in the mail, on the Web, and in the media,” says the letter, a draft of which was provided to The New York Times. “And we need your continued support to counter the vicious antifamily, antiminority, anti-immigrant attacks of the Republican right.”
Anti-family? Hey, they are trying to steal the conservative lines!
The letter, which says the organization will continue working for health care reform, immigration reform and affordable housing, comes after Acorn announced last month its plans to close all of its local chapters and field operations by April 1.

Acorn has faced a drastic drop in federal money and foundation support after a video sting was publicized last fall. In at least one of the undercover videos, Acorn employees were shown advising a young conservative activist, who posed as a prostitute, how to conceal her criminal activities in the course of trying to buy a house.

The letter, which will be sent to the 120,000 or so members on Acorn’s e-mail list and to tens of thousands of dues-paying members, says that in many of the states where Acorn’s local chapters closed, 16 new, independent but allied organizations have been formed to continue grass-roots organizing.
Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) would disagree. He released a report examining the supposedly new organizations that came out of ACORN's demise. The report takes a look at the corporate paperwork  the new organizations:
“Based on review of these corporate filings, Committee investigators have discovered that Affordable Housing Centers of America, Inc. maintains the same Tax Identification Number as ACORN Housing, Inc., its predecessor,” the Issa-released Report found. “This means that, for tax purposes, Affordable Housing Centers of American and ACORN Housing are the same. Additionally, Committee investigators found that several new ACORN affiliates maintain the same boards, staff and Employer Identification Numbers as former ACORN offices. This reflects the lack of true change or reform between these new organizations and their predecessors.”
 Doesn't sound very independent to me.

The letter also comes on the heels of a report this week by Representative Darrell Issa of California, the top Republican on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, alleging that the newly constituted organizations have actually not severed ties to the old Acorn chapters.
“Acorn is attempting to rebrand itself without instituting real reforms or removing senior leadership figures that need to be held accountable for wrongdoing,” Representative Issa said. “These newly renamed organizations are like career criminals who adopt aliases without changing their criminal lifestyles.”
The Times disagrees with Issa's  assessment, they say that ACORN is using all new people, but then again the Times also admits that they are using a document distributed by ACORN and obtained by The Times. Sounds like ACORN is lying the draw attention away from the Issa investigation and the NY Times is swearing by it.

These new local organizations which will supposedly be independent of ACORN, will act as the funnel of cash to the National Organization, allowing the criminal ACORN enterprise to shake off the "bad image" it earned through the $4,000,000 embezzlement charge in Louisiana, the voter fraud charges/convictions in 14 states, and of course the amazing videos created by investigators Hannah Giles/James O'Keefe (the undercover Hooker/Pimp team who exposed so much about ACORN's real intentions).

Using these "independent" organizations as their front for getting cash will give the group an outlet to regain the confidence of fundraisers.

Yes America, "ACORN it's alive...It's Alive! .... IT'S  ALIVE!!" but it is still an evil monster working to take away your rights.

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LL said...

Without a change in the composition of the legislature, the daily outrages (such as ACORN still receiving government money) will continue.

Sad but true.