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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ACORN CEO- We're On Life Support But We Aint Dead Yet

ACORN’s announcement that it was  “bringing its operations to a close” this past April fools day was just another deceptive tactic designed to take the pressure off the criminal enterprise,  so they can continue their scheme of using public dollars and private donations to advance their radical progressive agenda.

The proof that their death is just a cruel ruse continues to build:

Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) released a report examining the 13 supposedly new organizations that came out of ACORN's demise. He took a look at the corporate filings of the new organizations:
 “Based on review of these corporate filings, Committee investigators have discovered that Affordable Housing Centers of America, Inc. maintains the same Tax Identification Number as ACORN Housing, Inc., its predecessor,” the Issa-released Report found. “This means that, for tax purposes, Affordable Housing Centers of American and ACORN Housing are the same. Additionally, Committee investigators found that several new ACORN affiliates maintain the same boards, staff and Employer Identification Numbers as former ACORN offices. This reflects the lack of true change or reform between these new organizations and their predecessors.”
Today Matthew Vadum posted a story showing the continuing fund-raising  operations for the "once dead" organization.
Proof comes in the form of email, which went out to ACORN supporters on April 16 and which came two weeks after ACORN’s faked dissolution on April Fool’s Day as a national organization.

Writes ACORN chief organizer Bertha Lewis:
ACORN is not dead!
ACORN is alive because you are alive and still fighting for justice. Over the past 40 years, ACORN members have been through a lot in the fight to empower working families and families of color — and it has been the commitment of people like you, regular folks doing extraordinary things, that has made it possible.
ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis made an appearance tonight outside a federal courthouse where the government is appealing U.S. District Judge Nina Gershon ruling that the cut off of funding to the criminal enterprise was unconstitutional.
The head of activist group ACORN [Ms Lewis] came to a federal court Tuesday to observe a legal fight over its funding and said the group was on "life support" after waves of bad publicity and an attempt by Congress to cut off its money.
Bertha Lewis, the chief executive officer for the group, said ACORN was getting by on about $4 million annually rather than its one-time $25 million budget and had reduced its staff to four, down from between 350 and 600 employees.

"We're still alive. We're limping along. We're on life support," Lewis said in an interview just after a government lawyer asked a federal appeals court to temporarily block a judge's ruling that it was unconstitutional for Congress to cut funding to ACORN.
Maybe the judges can be convinced it would be merciful to cut off ACORN funding ad let it die a quick death.
A three-judge panel of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan did not immediately rule on the request after hearing arguments. If granted, a stay of the lower-court order would remain in place until full arguments on the issue can be heard during the summer.

Attorney Mark Stern argued for the Justice Department that Congress did nothing wrong when it took action last year against ACORN after it identified "widespread mismanagement."
Attorney Jules Lobel of the Center for Constitutional Rights said that funding for economically distressed people who receive government subsidies for homes was being blocked and that the money needed to be freed or some people would be homeless.
Unless of course that money was given to a different charity, maybe even one that wasn't on under investigation or on trial for voter fraud, but that is not about to happen any time soon
A series of secretly taped videos filmed at ACORN offices around the country caught employees giving bad advice, sparking a national scandal and helping drive the organization to near ruin.

Lewis said the controversies had left a stain on the group, "sort of like a scarlet letter," forcing ACORN to spend money defending itself against "one investigation after another."

She said money from large foundations and private individuals had largely dried up in the wake of the controversy.

"That was the point: to demonize the ACORN name and break the organization," she said.

She said many of the local chapters of ACORN had broken from the national organization and formed their own support networks and fundraising mechanisms, shedding the name as well.
But those "break off organizations" are just the same ole ACORN. Why would the almost  Why would ACORN engage in such an elaborate ruse? Money, it needs to shake off the "bad image" it earned through the embezzlement stories, the voter fraud and of course the amazing efforts of the Team of Hannah Giles/James O'Keefe (the undercover Hooker/Pimp team who exposed so much about ACORN's real intentions) to regain the confidence of fundraisers. It also take the congressional pressure off, as congress can't ban federal funds being given to an organization that doesn't exist.

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