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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Andy Stern to Resign---Something Really Smells

Service Employees International Union President Andy Stern, is arguably one of the most powerful men in Washington. He is not only the head of America's most largest labor union, but is one of the President's closest advisers who is credited by some beltway insiders with much of the authorship of the stimulus and heath plans. Stern is the most frequent visitor to the White House, where he continues to help the President force the progressive agenda down the throats of the American People.

Many different sources have confirmed that Stern is resigning. The news itself was broken by accident, somehow Politico's Ben Smith got his hands on an email from the President the Seattle SEIU local:
"Last night I received confirmation that Andy Stern is resigning as President of SEIU. He has not yet made a public announcement; we will share the details as we become aware of them," Sosne wrote in an email dated 11:35 a.m. Monday morning.
According to the Huffington Post Stern was simply tired and saw the passage of Obamacare as his perfect legacy, sort of going out as a winner.
...those close to him say he wanted to tackle different, more personal activities at this stage in his career. The passage of health care reform presented a sound achievement from which to depart from his presidential post. And while he was currently in the process of launching a third-party initiative in North Carolina -- to challenge those House Democrats who voted against health care reform legislation -- he was also growing tired of the daily grind, a source close to Stern says.
Allow me to suggest that the explanations offered above are nothing but nonsense. A man described as one of the most powerful men in Washington does not give up that power voluntarily it needs to be wrested from his grubby little fingers, especially when his partner, President Obama is so close to sending this country past the tipping point of progressilvism where it would be almost impossible for the United States to return to the free and open society created by its founders.

Something really smells with this move of Andy Stern's. I can only conceive of three reasons he would resign. The first would be severe illness (I certainly hope this one isn't true, as I don't wish for anyone to be ill). This explanation is not very likely as the rumors of an illness would have leaked out with the resignation rumors. The second is that he is under investigation for some infraction. This is the least likely reason, there is no evidence that Stern is using illegality to destroy the country just brute political force. Also we are talking about the Obama administration there are too many examples of his "friends" avoiding prosecution despite mountains of evidence, ACORN and the New Black Panther Party come to mind.

There is one most likely reason for someone with all that power to resign.....MORE POWER. Expect that when Andy Stern make his official announcement, or soon thereafter for Stern to be appointed by his friend the President to some key office, that would yield more power that his present job as the head of the SEIU yields. Its the most logical reason for someone like Stern to leave a job....POWER.

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