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Friday, April 2, 2010

No Bounce For You!: America Can't Stand Pelosi and Reid

The only bounce Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid received from the passage of Obamacare, is America's desire to bounce them out of office. The health care debate has increased their recognition and expanded the gap between their negative and positive ratings

The latest Gallup poll shows that more Americans have an opinion of Pelosi (90% vs 80%) but the difference between her negative to positive opinions has also increased (-16% to -18%)  36% of America has a favorable rating of her, but 54% has a negative opinion. To know Nancy is to Hate Nancy.

When Pelosi became Speaker in January 2007 and declared herself the most powerful woman in the world, time, twice as many Americans viewed her favorably (44%) as unfavorably (22%). After the inauguration of Barack Obama as Nancy Pelosi began to take charge of shoving his progressive policies down the throats of the American people Pelosi's favorably took a nose dive.

Harry Reid's fall from grace follows the same pattern. After Barack Obama was elected his favoritism was at a +3 (30 % to 27%). In his case as people began to learn more about him, his unfavorably went up and is favorably remained about the same,  29% of Americans view him favorable and 45% unfavorable (-16).

Americans are less negative toward the Republican congressional leaders. Opinions of House Minority Leader John Boehner (-3%)  and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (-1%) but to be honest they are not as well known as the democratic leaders.

Pelosi and Reid continue to take an dive based on the latest Gallup polling. It is rather certain that Pelosi will be back after the 2010 election, Reid is trailing in the polls by a large margin. The best way for America to take away Pelosi's power is to take away her majority and make John Boehner speaker of the house.

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