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Friday, April 9, 2010

OMG!! Congressman Alan Grayson is Truly "Losing It"

I have called Alan Grayson many things since he first got pummeled by Neal Cavuto last April, and all of them well deserved, as the freshman congressman has shown himself to be rude and mean. As a member of the Federal Government the Florida Congressman is as useful as a screen door on a submarine. This Congressional embarrassment lives by the motto, If you can't say anything divisive, don't say it.

But now things have deteriorated, I truly believe that the cheese is sliding off his cracker and he totally losing it. He is beginning to act like Humphrey Bogart at the end of Caine Mutiny talking about the stolen strawberries or Nixon in the book The Final Days when he starts talking to the portraits on the wall.

Last night Grayson, Congressman representing Florida’s 8th district, actually showed up at Perkins, a local family restaurant to crash a district meeting of the local Orange County Republican Executive Committee.

In the first video below, you see Matthew Falconer, Republican candidate for Orange County Mayor, tell Grayson he is being rude,  Grayson demand that he not be interrupted, but Falconer quickly reminded the congressman  who is as bright as Alaska in December, that  it was he that was interrupting their meeting.

If you cannot see videos below,CLICK HERE

After Grayson leaves, he has another flash of Stupidity, instantly comes back in just to show his lack of class. The first half of this video is hard to hear, but  watch him come over the woman with the camera and demand that she stop taping.

Grayson constantly shows that he does not have the professionalism and class to hold public office. We are talking about the man who accused Congressman Cantor of using Nazi tactics as a description of the Virginia Republicans speech where he announced  he was facing anti-Semitic threats.  Maybe its time for Grayson to take the same advice he gave to Vice President Cheney during a TV appearance when he told the former VP to STFU. Some how I get the feeling that's what the members of the Orange County Republican Executive Committee wanted to tell Alan Grayson last night.  But unlike the Progressive Congressman who has sprung a major leak in his think tank, the executive committee has too much class.

H/T Tea Party Patriots


Jeremayakovka said...

You left out the part about which mosque Grayson belongs to....

TexasFred said...

In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny: