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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Despite Appeasement, Arab Countries Opinion of US Has Major Drop

Boy oh boy, one would think that after seventeen months of appeasement, the Arab world would be in love with America and President Obama, but the latest polls show that
four out of six Arab League countries/territories Gallup has polled each of the last three years approve of U.S. leadership less today, than they did in the fall of 2009. Even with Obama's mistreatment of Israel during the past year approval fell.

The biggest drops were in Egypt and Algeria

The dips in U.S. leadership approval were recorded in Gallup surveys conducted in February and April 2010, ahead of the one-year anniversary of President Barack Obama's June 4, 2009, Cairo address, which aimed to restart U.S. relations with Muslim societies. The 2010 declines mark an about-face from the approval gains recorded in several Arab League countries such as Egypt (+19 points) and Algeria (+22 points) shortly after Obama's inauguration in 2009. In a number of countries, approval increased further after Obama's Cairo address -- including a 12-point increase in Egypt.
The country where Obama delivered his high-profile speech to the Muslim world is also the one where the swings in approval have been the largest. The precipitous decline in 2010 may reflect a perceived lack of progress on the issues many Egyptians said in May 2008 were most significant to improving their opinion of the United States: pulling out of Iraq, removing military bases from Saudi Arabia, supporting the rights of Muslims to elect their own governments, promoting greater economic development, closing Guantanamo Bay prison, and greater technology transfer and exchange of business expertise. In addition, an Egyptian government-sponsored survey conducted shortly after the Cairo address also found that Egyptians were most likely to identify the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as the most important issue the president's speech covered.
Obama used the Cairo Speech as an opportunity pander to the Muslim world by dissing Israel in a major way, he downplayed the role of terrorism, made Hamas look like a rowdy Boys Glee Club, called for the internationalization of Jerusalem, and used the Palestinian party line to describe the Israeli presence not only in the West Bank and Gaza but her very existence at all.

If this poll shows anything, it shows that Obama's policy of appeasing the Arab world by screwing Israel doesn't help him in the Arab world.


arb said...

"Despite Drop in Crime, an Increase in Inmates"

Ya think?

Juniper in the Desert said...

Dear Yid,

I feel that the purpose of Obama's appeasement was not to gain the arab world's admiration but the opposite.

To purposely create the effect illustrated in your graph, to totally downgrade America's image as a strong powerful nation.

Because Obama and his mafiosi do not see themselves as American, they are marxists and islamonazis: in both cases the loyalty is to marxist BS and islam.

Obama has shown that he can make America submit. And muslims only respect aggression and force.

At least the US has a proper opposition in the Republicans! Can't say that for the UK. The new gov. has already broken promises about keeping islamic hate-preachers out.

We look to you, true Americans, for our inspiration.