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Monday, June 21, 2010

America to Obama: LEAD US DAMMIT!!!

At a time when the United States is a facing a host of crisis from so many different sides, the public is looking for the leadership we are not getting from the top. According to the latest Rasmussen report only 41% of voters believe that Barack Obama is an excellent or good leader,58% rate him as fair or poor. As you would expect Democrats rate him high (72% in the top two boxes) and Republicans rate him poorly (88% in the bottom two boxes), political independents (64%) and those who consider themselves moderates (52%) also see the President as only a fair or poor leader.

The President's lack of leadership during the Gulf oil disaster, along with his continual scape goat-ing of big buisness, may have led to a major drop in investor confidence.

The  Rasmussen Index of Investor confidence was seeing a steady rise for 3 months. Though the Gulf incident happened in April, it wasn't till a month into the crisis that the President's non-role began to come to light.

Another reason for the lack of belief in the President's leadership is the fact that most voters do not trust the motives of their political leaders.

Another Rasmussen poll reports that 62% of Adults  most politicians want more power and money for the government (that includes the majority of Republicans and Independents, and even a plurality of Democrats).  58% of Adults believe that that political desire goes against the wishes of the Amercan Voters, again this opinion is held by most independents (61%) and Republicans (66%) along with a plurality of Democrats (48%).

America is crying out for leadership coming from its President, yet its been totally missing. Not only in the case of the oil slick, but even in the case of Obamacare, Democrats complained about the lack of leadership coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. During the election of 2008, many pundits pointed to Obama's nasty habit of abstaining from many key votes in the Illinois State Senate, sadly he is trying to make it though his presidency by voting present, instead of being the leader we need.

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