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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Poll: America is "Pissed Off" at News Media

America believes the media is has a liberal bias,skew the news to protect their favored candidates,  and are quite frankly pretty "pissed off" at the mainstream media. According to a Rasmussen survey released this morning, two thirds of American voters are angry at the media (half of that number describe themselves as very angry) The anger runs across political party Republicans(79%), Democrats(53%) and Independents (68%).

Republican's (76%) and independents (56%) believe the media have been skewing stories to help the president pass his agenda. A plurality of Democrats (43%) believe that coverage has been unbiased (which to most Democrats mean they have been pushing the presidents agenda).

Only 23% of voters believe that news coverage of political campaigns is unbiased. That feeling runs across all age, gender, race, political affiliation, and income demographic breaks.

Perhaps because of the way the media has protected President Obama and stories about his association with terrorists like Bill Ayers, or his tendency to choose Marxists for jobs in  his administration, Americans (54%) believe that the media hides information regarding the candidates who they want to win. Understandably, that feeling is led by Republicans (74%) and independents (57%).

The Majority of Americans believe that the Media is more liberal then they are (51%) while 15% believe that media is more conservative.  Similar to the above the media is more liberal number is driven by the GOP Voters (80%) and independents(56%) while a plurality of Democrats think the reporters are just like them. Which is another indication that the media is liberal.

The Federal Trade Commission is considering several proposals to help the financially struggling newspaper industry. They are ignoring the real solution, report the news fairly. It is that liberal bias that is causing people to walk away from newspapers as well as the rest of the mainstream news media. The only exception is Fox News, who's ratings continue to skyrocket because of its mainstream America bent.

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