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Monday, June 7, 2010

Reuters Brings Fauxtography to the Gaza Flotilla

News service, Reuters is back to its old tricks.  You may remember during the second Lebanese war Reuters was caught making news pictures look worse than they were with a little touch of Photo Shop For example this picture of the aftermath of an Israeli air strike appeared this way when distributed  via AP...

 But this way when published via Reuters:

Reuters is now doctoring its pictures from the violence aboard the Guerrilla Flotilla.  For example, this picture appeared in a Turkish Newspaper.  The guy on the ground in green is one of the Israeli commandos. Notice the red circle I added. It shows one of the terrorists on the flotilla boat holding a knife

 Now here is the same picture as first released by Reuters. Notice that they cropped out the the terrorist's knife?

CAMERA contacted the Reuters editor about the cropped photograph in which the knife in the hand of a Mavi Marmara passenger was cut out, and Reuters replaced the cropped photo with the original.

In the meanwhile, Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs  has uncovered a second Reuters image in which a knife and blood are cropped out.  This image appeared on the website of the IHH terrorists.

Notice the two red squares I added on the right side of the picture. One shows a knife in the hand of one of the terrorists and the bloody hand of an Israeli soldier. The one on the bottom right shows the blood of the soldier who was dragged to the ground after being stabbed.

Now the Reuters Version, notice anything missing? The knife and the hand are gone and the blood is almost gone.

Reuters second knife cropped.jpg

And there's more -- information from the Reuters Pictures Web site reveals that these images were IHH handouts, yet another indication that the following claim of an IHH official in the New York Times is a complete falsehood:
"Our volunteers were not trained military personnel," said Yavuv Dede, deputy director of the organization. "They were civilians trying to get aid to Gaza. There were artists, intellectuals and journalists among them. Such an offensive cannot be explained by any terms."
It doesn't really matter does it? The truth is that while Reuters claims that it is a News Organization, its history of Fauxtography proves that it is nothing but a PR team in support of terrorism.

NOTE:This post summarizes the most recent Reuters Fauxtography discovered by Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs

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Unknown said...

Could you avoid linking Charles Johnson in the future? Surely someone else could figure that out. The only time his website is reliable is when it is pro-Israeli. Almost every other story linked is completely absurd.

Gwenny said...

Just for the record, it doesn't matter IF the people on the boat had weapons. There is no place in the world where people do not have the right to defend themselves from attack by murdering pirates. Because who else would be attacking a private vessel in international waters? It's a pity Russia wasn't in charge, all the IDF criminals would be dead at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.

Steve Maurer said...

I find LGF to be a perfectly reputable source of information about lunatics of all stripes. And I find it extremely ironic that in a post about selective editing and biased reporting, the first comment is a plea to avoid an information source that gives one reader facts that he doesn't want to read.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I doubt he cares about the other stories.

computergod said...

Firstly, I'm Jewish and feel this kind of thing makes us look bad.

Cropping is hardly the same as photoshopping to add, modify, or remove elements form a photo. As a photographer I use cropping all the time as a way of focusing on the subject of the photo.

In fact, here are some I took yesterday:

In the first example that knife looks very much like the kind the commando might have been carrying on him. It is also held in a very delicate way, not a grip that may be used for slashing or stabbing. It just looks like he was disarmed.

In the second photo, I can't see how that is his blood or that he was stabbed, especially by that knife: That is a LOT of blood on the railing yet there is none on him. Blow up the photo and look for yourself. There is also no blood on the blade or on the persons hand. There is no blood on the other persons hands, and if he were bleeding that much there sure would be.

Unknown said...

By all means Natty...we should never have to be exposed to the truth.

Unknown said...

You notice that the "terrorist" is holding the knife like he doesn't know to do with it right next to the IDF commando who has been disarmed and pacified? Did you know that IDF commando's generally carry combat knives? I'd call it close to a 100% chance that the knife was property of that commando before he was prevented from killing more foreign civilians on a humanitarian aid mission in international waters.

Reuters also cropped out the tacky sandals of the person on the left of the photo, the calves of the individual at the top of the photo and the unidentifiable piece of paper at the bottom of the photo. It's almost like they were zooming in on what they felt to be the most relevant part of the photo, the IDF commando in the center.