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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The US DID Accept Foreign Help For the Oil Disaster (5 out of 28 Offers)

Over the past few weeks the Administration has caught much grief for not accepting aid from all of the foreign nations that offered help. Maybe the grief given the White House is a bit rough, after all they did accept five offers of help, does it really matter that there are 23 offers still under consideration? (See Chart from the State Department below). At least we have accepted five whole offers, that's one every 12 days. Come on... how fast do you expect the administration to work?
(H/T Gateway Pundit)

Now you don't expect the administration to review 28 whole offers do you? After-all the President needs to keep up his Golf game. Look, I used to be a golfer, you need to play all of the time or your handicap goes up. The President doesn't have the time to review all of those offers.

Ironically the same news outlets that are bashing BP CEO Tony Hayward for attending a yacht race over the weekend are strangely quiet about the President and Vice President sharing a golf game this weekend.  But then again why should that matter? They did accept 5 out of 28 offers.

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