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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Documentary Charges Obama Won 2008 Democratic Nod With Caucus State Dirty Tricks

One of the major reasons that Barack Obama was able to wrest the 2008 Democratic nomination from Hillary Clinton was his ability to secure victories in the caucus states by a large margin. Beyond just giving the future president delegates,  these victories gave the future president the momentum he needed to gain the endorsement of the party leaders.

As you may remember,  at the beginning of the primary season, even African Americans were in the Clinton camp, but it was Obama's string of victories led by the caucus wins that moved the black vote into the Obama camp.

Just as important, Obama's momentum showed him a serious contender, which drove the mainstream media to fall in line behind him, and the big story of the first African-American President.

The Clinton campaign has been roundly criticized for the loss of the Caucus states. While she was a slight favorite of the voters in the primary states, Clinton was roundly defeated (by 28%) in the caucus states.The argument was that she concentrated on the big states and was "out organized" in the smaller caucus states.

In fact Clinton won the majority of Primary delegates, it was the tremendous caucus showing that gave Obama the nomination (super delegates moved over to Obama when his win became inevitable).

According to life-time Democrat, film-maker Gigi Gaston it was much more than organization that provided Obama with the caucus state victories, it was a strategy of dirty tricks, such as not allowing Clinton supporters people to vote at their caucus meetings, that pushed the Obama campaign toward eventual victory. Her investigation supports that of Doctor Lynette Long, who made similar charges before the November 2008 election.

Caucus votes can be grass-roots politics at its best. Instead of just placing a vote, as done in a primary, groups of voters meet, discuss and then vote.  Its more like a jury deliberation, except you do not need unanimity. The more supporters of each candidate that show up, the more likely they are to sway the other caucus attendees.

Using historical caucus voter turnout trends Ms Gaston estimates that almost one third of potential caucus voters where turned away. Keep in mind the Democratic party was electrified in 2008, this should have driven turnout higher than normal.

For example in the Nevada Caucus alone,  the Clinton campaign reported the following improprieties:
  • Preference cards were pre-marked for Obama.
  • Clinton supporters were denied preference cards on the basis that none were left, while Obama supporters at the same caucus sites were given preference cards.
  • Caucus chairs obviously supponing Obama: 
    • Deliberately miscounted votes to favor Senator Obama. 
    • Deliberately counted unregistered persons as Obama votes. 
    • Deliberately counted young children as Obama votes. 
    • Refused to accept preference cards from Clinton supporters who were at the caucus site by noon on the ground that the cards were not filled out fast enough. 
    • Told Clinton supporters to leave prior to electing delegates. 
    • Clinton supporters who arrived late were turned away from the caucus, While late Obama supponers were admitted to the caucus. 
  • Numerous reports received by the Committee demonstrate a concerted effort on the part ofthe Obama campaign and its supporters to prevent eligible voters supporting a candidate other than Senator Obama from caucusing. The Obama supporters complained of were acting in positions of authority at the caucus sites. Some of these reports are as follows:
  • Obama supporters wrongly informed Clinton supporters that they were not allowed to participate in the caucus if their names were not on the voter rolls. However, Obama eupporters whose names did not appear on the voter rolls were permitted to register at the caucus site. Obama supporters falsely informed Clinton supporters that no registration forms were available for them to register to vote at the caucus site. 
  • Obama supporters wrongly told Clinton supporters who were attempting to caucus at the wrong precinct that they could not caucus at that site, while simultaneously permitting Obama supporters at the wrong precinct to participate. 
  • Obama supporters were allowed to move to the front ofthe registration and sign­in 
  • Voters at at-large caucus sites were informed that those sites were for Obama supporters only. 
  • Clinton supporters at at-large caucus sites were told that their managers would be watching them while they caucused. 
  • Workers were informed that their supervisors kept lists of Clinton and Obama supporters, and were told that they could not caucus unless their name was on the list of Obama supporters. 
  • Many Clinton supporters were threatened with employment termination or other discipline if they caucused for Senator Clinton. 
  • Workers were required to sign a pledge card to support Obama if they wanted time off to participate in the caucus. 
  • Workers at one casino were offered a lavish lunch and permitted to attend and register to vote only if they agree to support Obama.
Ms Gaston has further numerical analysis reflecting possible voter fraud, and additional examples at her site, additionally she has is creating a documentary about voter fraud during the 2008 primary season called "We Will Not Be Silenced"

Why is any of this important? After all we cannot change the results of the 2008 primaries or the election (until 2012). When you add these charges to the voter intimidation of the New Black Panther party during the past election, and Mr. Adams, the DOJ whistle-blower's charge that the department is not allowed to investigate voter intimidation charges being made by Caucasians, it signals that future elections may be manipulated. That manipulation would drive a stake through the very heart of our constitutional republic.

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