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Monday, July 19, 2010

Video Proof NAACP Fails To Clean Up Racism in Their Own Ranks

More hypocrisy by the NAACP and more great work by Andrew Brietbart. After bashing the Tea Party last week with false charges or Racism, Breitbart has posted on Big Government some video proof of racism within the ranks of the NAACP. Racism that was not criticized by the NAACP.

In the video below, Shirley Sherrod, USDA Georgia Director of Rural Development is speaking at an NAACP Freedom Fund dinner in Georgia. Ms Sherrod, who is a  federally appointed bureaucrat lays out in shockingly lays out that how race plays a part in executing her duties.
In the first video, Sherrod describes how she racially discriminates against a white farmer. She describes how she is torn over how much she will choose to help him. And, she admits that she doesn’t do everything she can for him, because he is white. Eventually, her basic humanity informs that this white man is poor and needs help. But she decides that he should get help from “one of his own kind”. She refers him to a white lawyer.
But its not simply Sherrod, Listen for the murmurs of approval coming from the audience.

As the saying goes, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. They especially should not throw stones at people who are allied with Andrew Brietbart, because they might just find out that the real truth will be exposed.

Go to Big Government to read the rest of the report and see the second video.

UPDATE: Fox News is Reporting Shirley Sherrod has resigned:

The Agriculture Department announced Monday, shortly after published its initial report on the video, that Sherrod had resigned.

"There is zero tolerance for discrimination at USDA, and I strongly condemn any act of discrimination against any person," Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said in a written statement. "We have been working hard through the past 18 months to reverse the checkered civil rights history at the department and take the issue of fairness and equality very seriously.
 This is not happy news, the issue is not Ms Sherrod, the issue is the hypocrisy of the NAACP. On one hand they blast the Tea Party on the other, the audience in this speech seems to approve of Sherrod's words.

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