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Thursday, July 22, 2010

What I Learned From the Shirley Sherrod Case

After a series of posts both here on The Lid and Big Government, day three of the "scandal" was spent observing the media and political reaction to the strange case of Shirley Sherrod. As the saga enters its fourth day I thought it appropriate to reflect on what I learned over the past three days. Some of it significant, some obscure but all of it (I hope) interesting.
  •  Why Can't Media Matters Read? : Well, its not just Media Matters but almost every liberal pundit and member of the mainstream media. Who knew that Big Government was like Playboy Magazine.  Everyone was so quick to watch the original video posted on Big Government, but they didn't take the time to read the article that Andrew Breitbart wrote.  While the article was critical of Ms Sherrod, that was not the focus of the article.  The "money paragraph" in Breitbart's piece was 
Sherrod’s racist tale is received by the NAACP audience with nodding approval and murmurs of recognition and agreement. Hardly the behavior of the group now holding itself up as the supreme judge of another groups’ racial tolerance.
Breitbart was not going after Sherrod he was going after the NAACP and their politically motivated attack on the Tea Party. His purpose in posting the video was to point out the reaction of the crowd much more than the speech of Sherrod.
  •  Fox News is Like a Jewish Husband: No matter what Fox News does, it is their fault. Even though Ms Sherrod was warned that she was about to be on Beck the day she resigned no one told Glenn Beck. He didn't know the details of the Sherrod controversy until after his show. In fact Fox didn't cover the story until hours after Sherrod resigned (neither Baier nor Keith Olbermann. I mean Shepard Smith covered it).
  •  Why Does Everyone Care About My Love Life? I got many emails, face book notes and comments both here and on Big Government accusing me of having intercourse with mothers (using much cruder language). It is truly amazing the hatred and bigotry contained in emails blasting me for supposed hatred and bigotry.
  • Sherrod did pivot about helping the white farmer but her comments indicate she still has a long way to go to be "race neutral"  Watch her description of the incident she describes the white farmer as "trying to show his superiority." What does she mean by that? How did he show that? Maybe it was Just a chip on her shoulder?  If you watch the video you can see more examples.."one of them" etc.
  • I Got Email From God!!!  The emails, and comments I received that didn't talk about my sex life with mothers, instead told me that I would rot in hell. Since that is a decision only God can make, I assume those emails were from God himself . Thank goodness Jews don't believe in hell (well there was that time I was stuck on a crowded train between an actuary and an insurance salesmen but that probably doesn't count).
  • The word racist is losing its sting. Racism used to be such a horrible thing to call someone, but since Obama became President it has been over-used by the left to describe anybody who disagrees with Progressive politics. It doesn't seem as evil a word as it used to be, that is very sad.
  • I don't believe in coincidences. July 21st,  the day the Department of Agriculture asked Ms Sherrod to come back to the department, after overreacting to the video and not checking the facts, was the one year anniversary of the press conference where President Obama overreacted and called the Cambridge police department stupid, without checking the facts---just saying.
  • Damn, those lefty "reporters" really hate Andrew Breitbart. They couldn't wait to pounce on him for this story despite the fact that they couldn't have read his post that well. Do they hate him for his politics or because he does their job much better than they do?  I pick both.
Well that's it for now, but heck it's not bad for three days. I am sure that there will be more lessons, just as I am sure that this is not over.

Good News 

Right Wing News talked to Minority Leader John Boehner, Republican Whip Eric Cantor, Chairman of the House Republican Conference Mike Pence, and Vice-Chair of the House Republican Conference Cathy McMorris Rodgers to find out if they would be willing to defund and repeal health care reform if they took back the House. In Short, they all said, hell yeah! That is not just news, it's news that will do conservative hearts good. Read the entire article here


Findalis said...

Be proud to be called racist. True racists are being called Democrats!

Unknown said...

You can also point out that July 20 was Tisha B'Av and the 21st the tenth of Av was the day that the Second Temple did most of the burning. I wonder what is the meaning of the connection.

GM Roper said...


@RolandRock1234 said...

"I get a kick out of these people who say read the article." J. Conyers

Anonymous said...

In fact Fox didn't cover the story until hours after Sherrod resigned

The TV station, maybe. But see their website on which it is claimed,

The Agriculture Department announced Monday, shortly after published its initial report on the video, that Sherrod had resigned.

The timing is not clear to me, here. Did the White House even have time to respond to the article?

Cozmicharlie said...

So we are supposed to applaud this womens road to Damascus enlightnment that she no longer sees it as black-white issue but a rich-poor issue. So if I am a rich white farmer (or any other race for that matter) instead of being discriminated based on my race I am discriminated based on my income - I feel much better now.

Ben Blankenship said...

A question nobody seems to have yet asked about the Sherrod firing:
Why wasn't she offered her old job back by USDA? Was the old one abolished? Had she screwed up in it? Was she planning another lawsuit against USDA, like the one that cost taxpayers millions of dollars a few years ago that she spearheaded? Curious, right?

ak said...

"they didn't take the time to read the article that Andrew Breitbart wrote"

I've been busy this week and haven't had time to read a lot of my usual blogs. So I didn't watch the video and only skimmed Breitbart's article. AND I STILL GOT IT. I still got the point Breitbart was making about Sherrod's speech to the NAACP. It was quite clear. So the idea that a bunch of media people misunderstood the article? Please. They didn't misunderstand anything. Misdirection, yes. Misreading, no.

Larry said...

Here's something else you can add to "Things you Learned":

At the time Mrs. Sherrod's story took place she was employed by the Federation of Southern Cooperative/Land Assistance Fund. Feel free to Google them. At the top of their website is this mission statement:
"Fighting To Save Black-Owned Land Since 1967 With Cooperatives". Notice that the organization is targeted towards helping black farmers.

Now, I suspect your reaction to this is "She was working for a racist organization!", but a normal person's reaction would be - "OK. That explains why she hesitated to spend a lot of time with the white farmer. It simply wasn't part of her job description." And, guess what? That's exactly what Mrs. Sherrod has said. Weird, huh?

And what about the reaction of the audience? Well, you can add this to "What I Learned" also! You see, before she started telling the story, she quite clearly alerted her audience to what the story would be about. It would be a story about how she decided to help someone without regard to race, even though she had no obligation to do so. Go ahead and watch the video again. That's why the audience reacted the way they did.

Feel free to add these to your list.

TexasFred said...

If you're married and have children, and at some point in time, IF you're luck, and have sex with your wife again, doesn't that too make you guilty of having intercourse with a mother?

If that's the case, I am guessing that at least *some* of your accusers are guilty of having sex with mother as well and are also hypocrites!

Just sayin' :)

AST said...

I'm glad to find this post. It matches my own conclusions.

I think that the White House may be as afraid of Breitbart as they are of Glenn Beck.

Sherrod's interviews given since the whole deal don't show a woman who has become less of a bigot. She's just become a class warrior.