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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fox and Friends SMACKDOWN: Must Watch Gretchen Carlson vs Robert Gibbs Video

In what might the start of another self-imposed Fox News exile, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs appeared on Fox and Friends this morning to explain what the President was going to say tonight in his prime time address on the Iraq War.

When Carlson asked Gibbs if tonight the President will admit that the surge worked, the Press secretary replied that Obama always said that putting 20,000 more troops would work.  Unfortunately for Gibbs, just before the interview, Carlson showed the audience a video where Candidate Obama said that adding the troops would not work.  Caught in a "misstatement"  Gibbs went on the defensive and the fun ensued, including Carlson asking if President Obama was going credit President Bush tonight during his speech for the success in Iraq--five times. Instead of answering the question, Gibbs counted the number of times Carlson asked.  "That's the second time you asked the question...third...etc."

This is a MUST watch.

What will tonight be? Well Ed Morrissey says No “Mission accomplished” tonight, but claims of a promise kept

When Barack Obama gives only his second Oval Office speech of his term tonight, he will speak on a more traditional Oval Office topic than his first, which dealt with the Gulf oil spill and offered nothing new at all to viewers.  Tonight, Obama will use his bully pulpit to discuss the drawdown of combat troops from Iraq and his vision of American security efforts in the region.  Robert Gibbs says he will not claim a “mission accomplished” moment but instead will claim credit for keeping his promise on Iraq — except, of course, that Obama has not done what he claimed he would once elected: 
Read The rest of Ed's excellent insight by clicking here

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