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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dems Invoke Kindergarten Playbook For Midterm Vote, "Its not my fault....blame Bush"

The progressive Democrats in power either believe that the citizens of this country are absolute morons or they haven't read a newspaper in two years and don't realize that George Bush is no longer president. For those of you who enjoyed the 2008 campaign get ready because the Democrats plan on doing it all over again. It is becoming clearer by the hour that the Democratic party plans on retaining their change message for their 2010. Basically its vote for us, or its back to the bad old days of George Bush. That's right Barack Obama and his progressive majority are going to take a page out of the kindergarten playbook. "Its not my fault....blame Bush."

This week the POTUS will be traveling to Texas with his latest message, the GOP does not have a "single idea" that differs from Bush's policies.

According to reports
Democrat members of Congress, who are returning to their states to campaign for November's elections, have been advised to remind voters of the alleged damage that Mr Bush's policies caused to the US economy.
....Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, handed her Democrat colleagues a card suggesting "lines of attack" for the mid-term campaign.

One suggested line was: "Republicans are trying to take us back to the same failed Bush economic policies that cost us eight million jobs."
Robert Menendez, the New Jersey senator who is heading the Democratic Senatorial Campaign committee, said: "The reality is that people associate the Bush era as an economic failure. The question is, 'Do we move forward, away from those economic policies?'"

Over the past week, Mr Obama has increasingly returned to attacking Mr Bush during a series of fundraising events for the democrats across the country.

"They don't have a single idea that's different from George Bush's ideas - not one," the President said during speeches in Atlanta and Chicago. 
The Democrats are forgetting some important facts that may wreck their kindergarten strategy.
  • More American voters see Obama's economic policies as the cause of the bad economy than blame Bush. 48% of American voters blame Barack Obama for the lousy economy and 47% blame former President Bush. Even more significant in this latest Rasmussen survey, by an eight point margin (52 to 44%) the key voter block, independents believe that Barack Obama is at fault.
  • Unemployment is still very high 9.5% and according to Treasury secretary Geithner will be going up.
  • Pelosi was right, America didn't truly understand the Obamacare bill until it was passed.  They hated it before, hate it even more now.
The most important fact the Democrats are missing is the American people are simply not as stupid as they think. While they were struggling during a horrible economy they saw a progressive Democratic party trying to put through their agenda, health care, cap and trade, crushing business and didn't worry about the people's agenda finding a job and putting food on the table.

President Obama did create change in this country, just not the change he anticipated. Because of his ineffective economic policies and his anti-freedom heath, environmental and anti-business policies, the American people are more plugged in than ever before to what their federal government is doing. They are also more involved than ever before, and will change what they see as government that is not listening to their needs, and frankly have no patience for a bunch of kindergartners running the country.

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