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Friday, August 27, 2010

FIRED! Gov. Christie Displays Leadership, Fires Education Chief For Lying About Federal Funding Loss

Once again New Jersey Governor Chris Christie shows the difference between a leader and a politician. After backing up his education commissioner for a mistake in a federal application which cost the state $400 million dollars in aid, the Governor fired the commissioner after finding out that some of the information the school chief gave the Governor was not truthful.
"I was extremely disappointed to learn that the videotape of the Race to the Top presentation was not consistent with the information provided to me," Christie said in a press release. "As a result, I ordered an end to Bret Schundler’s service as New Jersey’s Education Commissioner and as a member of my administration."
Christie's chief of staff, demanded the resignation last night but Commissioner Schundler decided to be fired so he could collect unemployment.

Shundler originally told the governor that when he was asked for the correct numbers during the presentation in DC, he provided them verbally, when in truth when he was faced with the error he just put on a funny look and tap danced. As you can see by the video below the correct numbers were not provided. 

A politician would have tried to skirt around the Education Commissioner's lie, trying to delay any action so he would not be embarrassed by the fact that he protected his commissioner one day, and fired him the the next. Christie is not a politician but a leader, he did right thing said he was lied to, and fired the guy's butt immediately. There are very few leaders in government today, thankfully for the people of New Jersey Governor Christie is one of them.


Ber said...

So now as a "real leader", he should apologize to the obama administration. After all, the previous video was highly publicized and made it look like they were totally incompetent.
Whatever criticisms you/he may have of the Obama administration, that one was unfounded, as they were given the opportunity to correct the error and didn't.

Walt said...

Yeah, he should apologize to the Obama administration, as it stands out like the great beacon in Washington that it is, shining forth its mighty beams of justice and hope over all the wretched mooches and drones who called out pitifully for hope and change.