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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Alan Grayson's Nasty Campaign Lies

 Alan Grayson, is known for being nasty to just about everyone who disagrees with him, whether it be a former Vice President (a Vampire) or a consultant in the treasury department (K street whore). The progressive Congressman from the Disneyworld area of Florida has a unique combination of traits, is a nasty disposition combined with an aversion to the truth.

In the campaign commercial below Grayson falsely accuses his opponent of evading the Vietnam War draft, claiming "he doesn’t love this country."'

The announcer in the commercial says Webster "was called to serve our country six times during the Vietnam War" and "refused" each time, he goes on to say: "It breaks an old soldier’s heart" to think that Webster could be elected, because "he doesn’t love this country the way I do."

Grayson's ad is a fraud, like many people during the Vietnam War years, Webster received a college deferment and he was done with college he showed up to the draft board but was rejected when he failed his physical.  According to the Orlando Sentinel:
Webster spent his first two years at Georgia Tech in the Army ROTC, but said he withdrew because of the demands of his major in electrical engineering.

Webster's Selective Service System records show five draft deferments for educational reasons, the first in 1967 when he was a senior at Orlando's Evans High School and later while an undergraduate student at Georgia Tech.

In June 1971, he was classified as available for military service and told to report for an Armed Forces physical exam the following month. Records show Webster was rejected as a result of the exam, but given a classification that would allow him to serve in case of emergency. His classification of "1-Y" was typically given to those with limiting but not disabling medical conditions.

The draft system discontinued that classification a few months later and its members — including Webster — were reclassified as "4-F," or not acceptable for military service.
According to Webster: 
"As soon as I graduated, I got a notice in the mail to report … for the physical. I did that and I expected to be drafted, but they turned me down," Webster said Friday. "I remember them pulling me out of line because I'd had problems with my feet when I was a kid. They used these corrective shoes on me with steel plates in them, but it really never fixed them — they're weird-looking. I can't really stand a long time on my feet."
Of course the Village idiot of the House of Representatives answers his opponent with twisted logic.
Grayson would not say whether he considers others who received college deferments to be draft dodgers, calling it irrelevant.

"[Webster] didn't answer the call," Grayson said. "In order to get these deferments, he had to ask for them."
There are very few issues where Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) and I agree. Perhaps the one area  where we have the most common ground is that Florida Congressman Alan Grayson is a nut-job, or as Weiner said back in October, " Is this news to you that this guy’s [Grayson] one fry short of a Happy Meal?”

Grayson is the embodiment of the nastiness that turns off voters. He is a master at the progressive style of political argument,"do not bring up facts, call them names."

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Stacy Drake said...

Grayson also did an ad that called him "Taliban Dan."
Grayson is a disgrace to the nation as a whole.