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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bob Beckel Threatens Blogger Pamela Geller During FBN Appearance

Here's something you don't hear very often from a Fox News Contributor "You're a woman, you better be careful about saying who I carry water for," but that was the threat Bob Beckel made to my friend, Pamela Geller editor of Atlas Shrugs during a heated exchange on Eric Bolling's Fox Business News show Money Rocks last night.

After a discussion of the 60 Minutes report on the Ground Zero mosque controversy (that ran the night before) Bolling brought in Ahmed Rehab of the CAIR who instead of discussing the Mosque stooped to calling Ms. Geller names. That's the same CAIR who was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Terrorist funding case and as recently as this past March, whose terrorist ties were  reaffirmed by the FBI.

Then Beckel, looking visibly angry was brought in to discuss an insensitive statement during his last appearance on Money Rocks, in which he said, 
"Look, at some point, I know it's sensitive here in New York and probably New Jersey, but we have to get over 9/11."
Beckel's response to the query about his statement to tear into Pamela, saying that on her site she once said she felt President Obama was an anti-Semite.

Obviously Beckel felt intimidated by Geller because he could not even look at her while he started his childish name calling. But as he got his "sea legs" the progressive apologist began to get abusive toward Pamela, still unable to look her in the eye:
Geller:  I would like to address Mr. Beckel's point.  I don't know why you're carrying water for the most radical, intolerant ideology in the world today.  There have been 20,000 documented radical Islamic attacks since 9/11.  Each one with the imprimatur of a Muslim cleric...
Beckel:  You better be very careful.  You're a woman, you better be very careful about who you say I carry water for, because you have no idea what you're talking about.   And don't start putting me in the middle of your crap!
Geller:  Don't you point to me!
Beckel:  I'll point to you all I want!
Geller:  Don't you point to me.  You're a misogynist.
Beckel:  You're getting yourself fifteen minutes, you get yourself fifteen minutes of fame because you're (Bolling) picking on a bunch of Muslims.
Geller:  You're picking on a bunch of women.  You're a woman hater.
Beckel:  A woman hater?  A woman hater?
Geller:  Look how you're talking to me.  It's outrageous.
Beckel:  You are nuts.
Geller:  Yea, I'm nuts.

(the video below starts with the confrontation, the entire 15 minute segment can be found on Atlas Shrugs)

If you cannot see video below Click Here

According to Geller’s account Beckel continued to spew venom during the commercial break.
“When we cut to break, Beckel chided Bolling for not bringing "Jewish slumlords" on the show (referring to Bolling's segment on Imam Rauf's status as a New Jersey slumlord, so named in a lawsuit against Rauf by Union City). When I heard Beckel's Jew-hating belch, I said, "and you're an anti-Semite." He told me to "kiss his ass," to which I responded that he would never get anyone anywhere in the world to get with that.”
In the spirit of full disclosure, Pamela Geller has been my friend since I started blogging. There are people in the world who see a wrong, give a quick "oh that's so sad" and get on with their lives. Then there are others who see a wrong and go all out to right it. That’s Pamela someone who goes out of her way to do what we call in Hebrew, Tikun Olam, repair the world. Her heart is the size of a skyscraper. She will grab a wrong by the neck and do whatever she can to eradicate the evil. For example, when honor killing victim, Aqsa Parvez, was buried without a tombstone Pamela raised money for Aqsa to have a memorial.

Pamela has thrown her weight into the fight to prevent a mosque being built on the ground zero site, not because she believes that Mosques should not be allowed to be built in NYC, but because she feels empathy to the families and victims. She feels the pain of those who see a Mosque on the site of a terrorist attack made in the name of Allah as a deliberate attack on their memory. Many of these victims feel the real purpose of the Mosque is to steal the heritage of the site, that the Muslim tradition is to place mosques (or even to destroy) the religious, or sacred sites of others to usurp the tradition of others. 

Is Bob Beckel a woman hater? I can’t answer that. What is clear is that he is nothing but a bully with a microphone who thinks he can shut women up by threatening them. What is also clear that while people like Pamela Geller are making the effort to repair the world, he is just sitting around criticizing their efforts.  Maybe it’s time for Beckel to get off his high horse and start taking some real action, instead of trying to bully women.


goodspkr said...

Beckle isn't anti-woman, he's anti-common sense. Watching him was fun, because like most liberals he's very short tempered. It happens when you realize you are about to get your ass whupped.

Tex Taylor said...

Don't know whether Beckel hates women, or not. Do know Beckel is a fat, loathsome bully and a pompous ass. And bullies don't handle it well when somebody in turn punches them back in the mouth.

Pamela gave Beckel's miserable existence meaning for about two minutes.

Here's all you need to know about Beckel's worth. Beckel was campaign manager for Walter Mondale's 1984 presidential campaign.

And if memory serves, under Beckel's astute management, Walter Mondale came within 3,000 Minnesota votes of becoming the only Presidential candidate to be able to claim he DIDN'T win ONE state.

As it was, it was the biggest landslide in U.S. history. You want Bob Beckel to be your enemy. It's a guaranteed win when he is.

Don M said...

Socialists always start with lies, move on to theft, then to enslavement when there is not enough to steal, the to torture when the slaves don't work hard enough, and then to murder of any who resist.

fdanconia said...

yes he is a woman hater; an anti semite and anti american by default for supporting a position of our sworn enemies...lets call these people out for who they are and punch them in the mouth for the crap they say...and i mean it tired of americans being intimidated by wussie liberals and fanatic muslims...punch back twice as hard and see how they like it

The Monster said...

Beckel needs to be asked what he meant by "You're a woman". If he's not a misogynist, in what context does the fact that Pam's a woman (you'd have to be blind not to have noticed that fact, Bobby Boy!) enter into the conversation?

Chris Lopes said...

Beckle is a political hack. His main job is to (as he said at a post 1988 election conference of Democrats) defend the indefensible. You have to take his mean spirited attitude with that in mind. He is being an a**hole because he believes that will shut down the argument. If he thought kissing Hannity on the lips would win the argument, that's what he would do. He is, in other words, the lowest form of political prostitute.

Joanna said...

And this is the same guy who wrote a book with Cal Thomas called "Common Ground" calling for civil and respectful dialogue between the different parties. I remember thinking "WHAT?!"

fernstalbert said...

Regarding Beckle he is rather out classed - used to shouting at women and children. The best the left has to offer as a rebuttal to serious issues. NOT. Cheers.

spool32 said...

I think your headline is a little inflammatory... sure, the guy was acting liek an ass but I'm not seeing the "threat".

Can someone explain what the "you're a woman" comment was about? It seemed not to make any sense.

Randy Streu said...

Spool -- THAT was the threat. That "You're a woman -- you'd better be careful..."

It was an implied threat, and was loud and clear.

It was basically just quicker than saying, "I'm a hell of a lot bigger than you, so..."

bobby said...

"sure, the guy was acting liek an ass but I'm not seeing the "threat"."

He was either saying "you're a woman who is publicly criticizing Islam, you'd better watch out or the Islamagoons'll getcha!" or he was saying "you're a small weak woman, don't dis me or I'm gonna hurt you."

Larry said...

Sure seems to me that "you're a woman" was a clear reference to the fate that awaits women who somehow defile Islam. i.e., he was suggesting to her that some jihadi could attack her for her reference to "the most radical, intolerant ideology in the world".

M. Simon said...

Beckel: You better be very careful. You're a woman, you better be very careful about who you say I carry water for...

Sounds like a threat to me.

Unknown said...

Christopher sorry, I cannot post a comment with charges like that without a valid email address

Anonymous said...

say the word and this Beckel problem goes away

living1nbf3 said...

Beckel won some kudos from me when he defended Rush about addiction comments made by some celeb at a roast.

He is, I think, a recovering alcolic.

But this goes beyond the limits. He is a bomb thrower, progressive sycophant.

Back to the bottle Bob! You were a nobody on it, and you might as well go back to it.

Jabba The Hut you are! Pick on a woman around me, I bust your face up.

david7134 said...

I have an idea on this "mosque". Lets assist the guy. Except, lets insist that he build something more appropriate to the environment. That would be a religious center dedicated to finding a way for Islam to exist with the other religions of the world or for that matter anyone. If they don't feel that is appropritate to their mission, then you have at least taken the high road and exposed their true nature.

buck smith said...

"We have to get over 9-11" Right after the jihadis get over the crusades and western imperialism and stop their slave trading and piracy.

kurt9 said...

It is one thing for a liberal-left person like him to show contempt for a neo-con like Pamela on the belief that the threat of Islamism is overhyped by the neo-cons. However, Beckel's comments are far more disturbing in that they hint that he may actually identify with Islamism to some extent. If this is so, it makes one wonder how widespread such feeling are among the liberal-left and why.