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Monday, September 20, 2010

New Report: Hamas Stealing Humanitarian Aid Meant For Gaza Strip

There are new reports, this time from an Arab source, that the terrorist group Hamas is stealing humanitarian aid meant for the residents of the Gaza Strip.Hamas is employing the tactics used by Egyptian President Nasser decades ago. When Gamel Nasser controlled Gaza, he made sure their lives would be as miserable as possible as to create a radicalized population that would attack Israel for him. It worked. With all the "bitching and whining" from the EU, UN and even from Secretary of State Clinton about the "humanitarian" situation in Gaza, the one thing not mentioned is that Hamas is deliberately causing much of the shortages. It is to their advantage, not only to radicalize the population like Nasser did, but to cast Israel as the evil tormentor of the "poor people of  Gaza.

A reporter from the UAE, Mitchell Prothero, discovered that Hamas was confiscating the humanitarian goods donated by the international community and selling them to the Gaza Arabs at a profit.
Prothero spoke to a commander in the Islamic Jihad terrorist group, who complained about being forced to purchase medicine for his son when the medicine, donated by Norway, was clearly labeled “Not for resale.”

“I had to go to a Hamas pharmacy to make sure the pills weren't fake or made from poor materials in Egypt,” he explained. “If you want real medicine, you have to buy the aid Europe sends us.”

A Gaza businessman said, “If you're not in Hamas, you get nothing.”

Other Gaza residents who spoke to Prothero described Hamas as being firmly in control of life in Gaza. One said Hamas's armed forces – including police, military, and intelligence – currently number approximately 35,000, up from 6,000 four years ago.
 Folks, there is your humanitarian crisis. Maybe next time there is a "flotilla" they should work around the embargo being conducted by Hamas, they are the reason aid is not reaching Gaza residents.

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