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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gloria Allred Has Played The "Nanny Card" Before

Last week the California Governor's race was taken over by Gloria Allred, attorney, Democratic Party advocate, and protector of scandalous "other woman." According to Allred (who was a delegate to the Democratic Convention in 2008), Nicky Diaz-Santillan worked "toiled" Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Meg Whitman for nine years, and was fired in June 2009.

Ms. Allred, savior of the downtrodden "d-listers," claims that Diaz was fired "for what appeared to be political reasons involving Ms. Whitman's decision to run for governor." Ms Whitman, on the other hand claims, says the former nanny falsely filled out immigration forms when she first applied for employment as a housekeeper and was not, in fact, a legal resident of the United States. The Republican candidate Meg Whitman replied that the reason for the termination was she discovered Ms. Diaz had lied about her resident status.

Some people have accused Allred of making a blatantly political move in this latest action, a move which she tried once before. Gloria Allred also represented Rhonda Miller in a sexual harassment suit against Arnold Schwarzenegger, which just so happened to occur during he home stretch of his run for California's gubernatorial recall election in 2003. The lawsuit was later dismissed.

Even the usually docile Greta Van Susteren bashed Ms. Allred for the Whitman, "nanny-gate" action. (if you cannot see 3 videos below Click Here)

Many have pointed out the similarity between this case and the Arnold Schwarzenegger one which is the last time Gloria Allred tried to inject herself into a political campaign. But there is another similarity, the 2008 case where she tried to play the "nanny card" against Actor Rob Lowe and his family."

Jessica Gibson, a former nanny of the Lowe household was about to file suit that he sexually harassed her, when Lowe got word, he brought it out into the open an sued her first. Who was the Nanny's Lawyer? You guessed it, Gloria Allred.

Rob Lowe was particularly vulnerable to the Allred-led slander because in 1988, Lowe was involved in a sex scandal over a videotape of him having sex with two women, one of whom was 16. It doesn't take a genius to figure out she saw major dollar signs, and extra publicity in her future because of his previous scandal.

But what Allred wasn't counting on is the fact that Lowe matured and was on the 'straight and narrow." He married Sheryl Berkoff in July 1991, had two kids and became a family man. Instead of playing Ms. Allred's game, the Lowes fought back with a law suit of their own.

A year after the law suits were filed, both the Nanny's and Lowe's suits were dropped in May 2009.

Gloria Allred's latest affair combines two of three of her favorite interests, supporting liberal/Democratic party candidates, adoring TV cameras, and providing people with their fifteen minutes of fame. She did it with Rob Lowe's nanny Jessica Gibson, Rhonda Miller who sued Arnold Schwarzenegger, model Kelly Fisher who sued Dodi Fayed for breaking up with her to start going out with Princess Diana, the "other woman" Amber Frey when Frey was a witness in the criminal case against Scott Peterson and Rachel Uchitel one of Tiger Wood's many "other women."

Ms. Allred is the equivalent of an ambulance chaser, but instead of chasing cases of physical injury, she goes after cases where a famous person is particularly vulnerable, and where she can find a "d level" player who can become famous while increasing Allred's fame. Just like the ambulance chaser, Allred has no problem scraping the bottom of the barrel to make a case. And that's just what she has done in the case of Meg Whitman's nanny.

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cubanbob said...

Allred is a fame whore. She ought to be disbarred for he fraudulent actions.