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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Internal Polls Show Alan Grayson Losing by 16%

More bad news for the Village Idiot of Congress, Alan Grayson. Internal RNCC polls show that he is losing his battle for re-election by 16%. In fact this poll information leaked by the Washington Post show many supposedly strong incumbants in deep trouble. (incumbents in bold):

  • FL-8: Daniel Webster (R) 46, Alan Grayson (D) 30
  • PA 3: Mike Kelly (R) 56, Kathy Dahlkemper (D) 39
  • OH-15: Steve Stivers (R) 51, Mary Jo Kilroy (D) 39
  • WA-3: Jaime Herrera (R) 51, Denny Heck (D) 38
  • NY-20: Chris Gibson (R) 48, Scott Murphy (D) 45
  • MA-10: Jeff Perry (R) 44, Bill Keating (D) 42
  • IL-17: Bobby Schilling (R) 44, Phil Hare(D) 41
  • PA-10: Tom Marino (R) 44, Chris Carney(D) 37
  • VA-9: Morgan Griffith (R) 44, Rick Boucher (D) 44
  • OR-5: Scott Bruun (R) 44, Kurt Schrader (D) 42
  • OH-6: Bill Johnson (R) 40, Charlie Wilson (D) 40
 Since these are Republican internal polls,  be viewed with caution. But some of these margins (including Graysons) are so large that you have to have to like the GOP chances, in these districts.

Perhaps its his sinking ratings that has pushed to switch tactics.Rather than creating lies about his opponent Daniel Webster, Grayson is now campaigning against Rush Limbaugh;
The Florida lawmaker's campaign wrote in the [fund-raising] e-mail that Limbaugh had categorized Grayson as "certifiably insane" and then went on to list a long line of pop culture references to boost his case against Limbaugh.
"Rush Limbaugh saying that I am certifiably insane is like George Clooney saying that I'm good-looking. It's like Shaquille O'Neal saying that I'm big-boned. It's like Michael Jackson saying that I can sing and dance. It's like Bill Gates saying that I'm rich," Grayson wrote.

The colorful rhetoric is pretty classic Grayson, who made a name for himself during the health care debate last year by saying that the GOP health care plan was for people to "die quickly."

Grayson, who has taken an outspokenly liberal stand despite the moderate nature of his district, raised $967,000 in the last financial quarter, his largest quarterly haul of the cycle.
Whether he is running against Daniel Webster, or Rush Limbaugh, I agree with the worlds of the The Orlando Sentinel:
In only two years in the U.S. House, representing a district that runs north from Celebration into Orange, Lake and Marion counties, Mr. Grayson has become nationally notorious for his over-the-top attacks on Republicans. Who could forget these greatest hits? He declared that the GOP health plan was for Americans to "die quickly" if they get sick. He used a vulgar acronym to say that former Vice President Dick Cheney should shut up. He called Republicans "knuckle-dragging Neanderthals."

He has kept up this scorched-earth approach in his re-election campaign, branding Mr. Webster "Taliban Dan" and "a draft dodger" in a couple of ads. Independent fact-checking organizations have judged those ads as false. So have we.

Mr. Grayson's antics are not merely an embarrassment to himself and his district. They deepen the partisan divide that has left Congress almost dysfunctional.


          10ksnooker said...

          What's not to like about a loud mouthed liar.

          Libertarian Advocate said...

          Jeff: That is wonderful news about Grayson. BUT, I hope those polls are wrong... I hope he loses by a much wider margin.

          Hope & Change are finally here... hehehehe