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Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Harry Reid Comic Relief: Now He Claims He Saved The World

Once he is defeated in the coming mid-term elections, I hope Harry Reid gets a regular TV gig, lets face it the guy is always good for comic relief. Earlier this week there was the campaign ad he created to bash opponent Sharon Angle which also slammed Progressive Democratic Congresswoman Dina Titus.

Then of course there was the interview where Reid was asked the greatest living American but he picked two dead guys. And don't forget he also claimed that President Obama was just like the Chilean miners.

Today's Harry Reid silliness is a scene from the Ed Schultz show. Harry tells Schultz that he personally saved the world from a worldwide depression.
"So people have been hurting," Reid said. "And I understand that. And it doesn't give them comfort or solace for me to tell them, you know, but for me, we'd be in a worldwide depression. They want to know what I have done for them."

I guess Oprah was wrong, She said that Barack Obama was "The One." But if Harry Reid personally saved the world from depression, it must be Harry, not the POTUS who is the Messiah.  One question though, if he was able to save the world  from depression, why couldn't Harry Reid save the State of Nevada from the highest level of unemployment in the country.

Truth is Americans don't believe Reid or Obama saved the world from a depression. Obama's declining popularity in Nevada will hurt Reid more than it helps to motivate the Democratic base. The election will be a referendum on the President's policies, all of which Harry Reid helped to shove through the Senate and down the throats of the American people.

Must Read NY-22 UPDATE Via Kerry Picket:

Congressman Maurice Hinchey, New York Democrat, faced his Republican challenger George Phillips again in Broome County at the Binghamton Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday. Both men were joined ,at a candidates' forum, by New York Democratic Congressman Mike Arcuri and his GOP challenger Richard Hanna.

Congressman Hinchey had difficulty explaining his positions on economic policy the last time he debated Mr. Philips. The New York Congressman floundered about on answering a simple question about what his deficit reduction priorities were and seemed doubly confused when asked about where he stood on the return of the impending federal estate tax.

His Republican challenger George Phillips, a former congressional staffer for Rep. Chris Smith, New Jersey Republican, told me on Tuesday, after the debate, he was able to show Mr. Hinchey is “out of touch.”
“It was last week, it’s on our website, he [Hinchey] didn’t realize we had a budget deficit. Today, he was talking about how good things were going in New York State,” said Mr. Phillips. “Manufacturing jobs are down fifty percent since he’s been in office. Small businesses are hurting here. Again, I think we see a case of a Washington politician. He’s way out of touch of what’s going on here.”

Read the Entire Story HERE

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