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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Who REALLY Throws Around The Terms Nazi and Fascist

This week there has been much discussion about Glenn Beck's use of George Soros' own words to describe the progressive sugar daddy's youth in Nazi-controlled Hungry.  Media Matters, the ADL and other Progressive organizations had a feast making the false claim that Beck is an anti-Semite.

This reaction is part of a much larger and more disturbing trend.  Progressives, sometimes with the help of the Anti-Defamation league  are trying to brand just about everybody as an anti-Semite, not just Beck but people in the Tea Party Movement, and other conservatives are falsely accused of this horrible hatred.  And when not accusing conservatives of  Antisemitism, they accuse conservatives of inappropriately labeling others of being Nazis (particularly President Obama). In the vast majority of these cases, the Progressive charges are simply not true.

There are legitimate cases of people inappropriately throwing around the terms Nazi and Fascist, even using them to accuse the President, but that was a different President. Sadly Media Matters, and other Progressive Organizations have been silent about these inappropriate charges.

Those charges are detailed in the video below (if you cannot see video below CLICK HERE)


Help The 99ers said...

When you say "they accuse conservatives of inappropriately labeling others of being Nazis (particularly President Obama)," I'm unclear if you mean that labeling President Obama as a Nazi is appropriate.

The other alternative is that conservatives have actually not labeled President Obama as a Nazi, but the record is quite clear that they have.

Unknown said...

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