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Monday, December 13, 2010

Julian Assange Has Asian Teengirl Stalkers And Other Creepy Autobiographical Info From The King Of WikiLeaks

If there was any doubt that some sort of narcissistic "God" complex is what is really driving WikiLeaks big shot Julian Assange to help steal and reveal secret information from the the United States, this will prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

A user of the social news website Reddit. had a moment of serendipity when he ran across Assange's 4-year-old account on the dating site OkCupid. The account -- registered under the name "Harry Harrison," which, as one Reddit user noted, was the name of a popular sci-fi writer in the '70s and '80s -- Assange's profile came up haphazardly, (it  hadn't been logged into since 2006).
A look at his  account provides insight into the egomaniacal self-absorption of the man who has decided on his own what secret information should be shared with the world

My self-summary
WARNING: Want a regular, down to earth guy? Keep moving. I am not the droid you're looking for. Save us both while you still can.

Passionate, and often pig headed activist intellectual seeks siren for love affair, children and occasional criminal conspiracy.

Such a woman should spirited and playful, of high intelligence, though not necessarily formally educated, have spunk, class & inner strength and be able to think strategically about the world and the people she cares about.

I like women from countries that have sustained political turmoil. Western culture seems to forge women that are valueless and inane. OK. Not only women!

Although I am pretty intellectually and physically pugnacious I am very protective of women and children.
I am DANGER, ACHTUNG, and ??????????????! 

What I’m doing with my life
Directing a consuming, dangerous human rights project which is, as you might expect, male dominated. Variously professionally involved in international journalism/books, documentaries, cryptography, intelligence agencies, civil rights, political activism, white collar crime and the internet. Formal background in neuroscience, mathematics, physics and philosophy.

I’m really good at
A gentleman never tells.

Height. Nordic appearance. Unusual presense. Often carrying mystery brown paper packages tied up with strings; these are a few of my first things.

My favorite books, movies, music, and food
Russian. (D) anything but Russian!

The six things I could never do withoutI could adapt to anything except the loss of female company and carbon
I spend a lot of time thinking about
  Changing the world through passion, inspiration and trickery. Travel (33 countries). Structure of reality. Birth and death of the universe (physics background) Ontology. Chopping up human brains (neuroscience background)

The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have asian teengirl stalkers. Hello.
On the testing page we learn that Assange is 83% Slut. And by reading his profile we learn that he is 100% ego.

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