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Friday, December 3, 2010

HUH???? Scientist Says Global Warming is Causing Harsh British Winter.

Time to add another one to the list! Those Global Warming Moonbats figure out ways to blame the dumbest things on global warming. Some of may favorites include, Incredible shrinking sheep, Invasion of jellyfish in the Mediterranean, Surge in fatal shark attack, Boy Scout tornado deaths, Severe acne, Global conflictBeer tasting different, Suicide of farmers in Australia, Bigger tuna fish,Longer days, Shorter daysCollapse of gingerbread houses in Sweden, Cow infertility, UFO sightings in the UK, Rise in insurance premiums, and Heroin addiction and a rise in bear attacks in Japan  just to name a few. The only thing they haven't blamed on global warming so far are the TSA wanting to touch our "junk", Obama's Basketball injury and the fact that unemployment is not up to 9.8%

Just when you think that they can't come up with anything else, the global warming moonbats come up with something new and even more creative.  The latest piece of propaganda from Al Gore's army is incredibly simple.  The new claim is that the reason Great Britain is suffering through its second straight record cold winter guessed it, global warming.

Yesterday, the World Meteorological Organisation announced that 2010 is almost certain to rank among the three warmest years since records began in 1850 – and it has long been accepted that one of the effects of climate change could be an increase in the frequency of harsher, Continental-style winters.
Long accepted? Yes ever since the moonbats realized that the temperatures were actually going down and the latest reports from the ice stations in Greenland show that everything was pretty cool (pun intended).
Well, the most alarming way in which temperatures in Britain could fall significantly is through a decline in the warm Atlantic current that maintains our mild climate. Although our weather depends on turbulent events in the atmosphere, these are shaped – in the long term – by the oceans, whose currents transport vast amounts of heat around the planet. Ancient records show that if these slowed or stopped, temperatures could drop by up to 10C within decades.
The Gulf Stream relies on the fact that as the water loses its heat in the north Atlantic, it cools, sinks and flows back to the south. The fear has been that, as the planet warms, melting Arctic ice will weaken these currents, plunging Europe into the cooler.
But that's happening:

On this count, however, there is good news. According to Prof Mark Maslin, of University College London, there seems – at present – "to be no evidence of changes in the Atlantic circulation which could account for the last two harsh winters". There are, he says, shorter-term patterns in ocean circulation which have a major effect, and have been linked to the severe winters in the 1940s and 1960s. But again, that is probably not the case today.
 So whats going on? How come you can't use the usual global warming "Chicken Crap?" (Thank you Speaker Boehner).
Well, Prof Maslin thinks the cause of the big freeze can be found in the atmosphere. As Ewen McCallum, the chief meteorologist at the Met Office, explains, this year and last have seen large areas of high pressure develop in the Atlantic, blocking the westerly winds and allowing chilly Arctic air to move south across Europe.

Why the Arctic high pressure has strayed so far south. And here, says Prof Maslin, is the more likely, and more subtle, link with climate change. "For me," he says, "this shows that the climate is becoming more dynamic, and thus large shifts in the wind patterns are possible – in this case, sub-tropical air being trapped further south than usual."
AH! Now it makes sense.  All of the traditional scare tactics don't work, so lets pull something out our arse and call it global warming.  Such are the ways of the climate moonbats.

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