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Friday, February 11, 2011

CPAC 2011- Day Two: Meet The Bloggers (Meet Mr. The Rent is Too Dammned High Also)

Day Two ..the blogger's lounge was really busy.  The internet problems we faced yesterday were fixed, politicians and/or their press people were all over the place.  I got to spend some time on the G.Gordon Liddy Show, meeting Mr. Liddy in the flesh for the first time, I will publish the audio when it's available. I also got to meet radio star and twitter friend Tammy Bruce, uTV's Andy Levy , a very funny man and one of the stars of Red Eye and former Not Ready For Prime Time Player Victoria Jackson.   The biggest surprise was meeting one of the stars of NY State Governor's race, the famous "The Rent is Too Dammed High" man.

Here are some of the Stars of the Blog World found in the Bloggers Lounge Today:

Larry O'Connor of the Stage Right Radio Show and Breitbart TV  striking a fun pose, as you might guess from the picture, Larry is a fun guy with boundless energy.

And the person who keeps Larry's show running smoothly Meredith Dake (Also known as “Producer Dake”)

BTW Larry Interviewed me on camera yesterday, right now he as video coming up the wazoo I will post it when he does--be patient.

Here's my friend Ed Morrissey working hard in the bloggers lounge with his Hot Air partner Allahpundit, that's Allah in the Green Shirt smiling at the camera.

Two Shades of green? Mary Katharine Ham (of Daily Caller, and Bill O' Reilly fame) and Allah Pundit

Mr "The Rent is Too Dammed High"

Ben Howe took a video of the High Rent dude (If you cannot see video Click Here):

Last but certainly not least, John Hawkins surrounded by two very pretty ladies, Susannah Fleetwood (left) who writes at NewsReal, Hot Air's Green Room and Right Wing News 
and Amy Miller who blogs at Red State and Pundit League

...More Tomorrow

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