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Monday, March 21, 2011

Howard Kurtz Calls Out The Mainstream Media "Why Aren't You Asking Questions About Obama's Rush To War"

In examining the ramp up to the war in Iraq many in the mainstream media have been say critical of their own coverage saying that they left President Bush "off the hook," without asking the tough questions about the upcoming war.

Yesterday, on his show Reliable Sources, CNN's Howard Kurtz questioned whether a no fly zone in Libya is really the best policy Heor whether it could lead to America being involved in another prolonged war? He asked many of the same questions we asked on this site three days ago. More important was that Kurtz asked why it seemed many others in the mainstream media were not expressing the same skepticism?

He called it a repeat of the ramp up to the Iraq war:
“Sometimes something is lost in that initial excitement – reminds me of eight years ago, this very weekend when ’shock and awe’ was reined now upon Baghdad and the media utterly failed to ask skeptical questions. . . . Everybody in the media said this wouldn’t happen again – we screwed up on Iraq, we got sucked up in a rush to war. And I’m not saying this is necessarily a bad decision, Gaddafi is an odious fellow, but I think we need to be doing more challenging.”
The panel of guests mostly agreed with Kurtz,  Fred Francis suggested the media was overworked, that  they were exhausted running around the world covering so many international stories and producing “shallow coverage” as a result.

Perhaps there is a different explanation, this is the Mainstream Media that fell in love with Barack Obama as soon as he decided to run for President, they have been covering him with one-sided reports for almost four years now, they aren't going to trip him up by asking the tough question now.

Watch the video of this Kurtz segment below (if you cannot see video below click here):

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