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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Uh-Oh Moonbats Say Marijuana Causes Global Warming

Uh-oh now they've gone and done it! After claiming that just about everything causes Global Warming (unless Al Gore does it), now the Church of Global Warming Moonbats are saying the indoor production of wacky weed causes global warming. This has to alienate the "stoner" set across the world, especially in the People's Republic of California where medical marijuana laws make pot available to just about everyone from cancer and glaucoma patients, to people who are upset that Pia was voted off American Idol.

The study,Energy Up In Smoke The Carbon Footprint Of Indoor Cannabis Production written by Dr. Evan Mills says it's not the Maui Wowie itself that causes the giant carbon footprint, is all of the electric accessories used to grow the stuff.

Colin Sullivan summarizes the study,” in Monday's E&E News (subscription required):

AGRICULTURE: Pot growers inhale 1% of U.S. electricity, exhale GHGs of 3M cars — study (04/11/2011)

Colin Sullivan, E&E reporter
Indoor marijuana cultivation consumes enough electricity to power 2 million average-sized U.S. homes, which corresponds to about 1 percent of national power consumption, according to a study by a staff scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Researcher Evan Mills’ study notes that cannabis production has largely shifted indoors, especially in California, where medical marijuana growers use high-intensity lights usually reserved for operating rooms that are 500 times more powerful that a standard reading lamp.

The resulting price tag is about $5 billion in annual electricity costs, said Mills, who conducted and published the research independently from the Berkeley lab. The resulting contribution to greenhouse gas emissions equals about 3 million cars on the road, he said. (H/T

Yikes! Three Million Cars. 

Last week, when the president told the guy with ten kids to buy a more fuel efficient car, he should have said instead stop smoking so much dope.  Well maybe not, after his performance in office so far, a stoned populace may be his best way of getting re-elected.
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Don P said...

With the street price of weed down 750-60% since 2008 (I.E., $150-160/oz. vs $350-400 three yr ago
) it costs more to produce indoors than what you can expect to sell for.

Don P said...

the street price of weed is off over 50% since the beginning of the recession. The net result is that indoor cultivation often costs more than you can recoup unless you are stealing your electricity.

Unknown said...

hey i power my grow with solar power up your moon bats :P

Unknown said...

growing cannabis is illegal in some places but if we grow it very carefully, then we can comes to know that this is not too much bad to grow. So really thankful to you for posting this blog.