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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Media Reaction To Obama's Mid East Speech Reveals Progressive Movement's Jew-Hatred

It's always nice to know where one stands, and over the past three days Jewish Americans have been told by the Progressive Movement exactly their role,  their place is to shut up or leave the country.

On Thursday, President Obama threw Israel under the bus with his declaration that negotiations should start with the premise of Israel returning to the 1967 borders. At the same time he unilaterally ripped up an agreement between Israel and the United States made during the last administration.

As expected supporters of the Jewish State were very upset, and they cheered Israeli PM Netanyahu when he stood up for his country during a White House press op the next day.

But to the progressives this act of insubordination by Netanyahu was deplorable. And the support of Bibi Netanyahu by some American Jews proved was a reason to bring out their anti-Semitic meme that Jews are not really Americans, they are frauds whose first loyalty is to Israel not to the United States. They also brought out their bigoted contention that the powerful Jewish lobby controls the government and the media.

George Soros funded M.J. Rosenberg, who regularly uses anti-Semitic buzz words claiming the Jews control the government and the media was quick to announce that the outrage displayed by friends of Israel was both bogus and a product of what anti-Semitics describe as their dual loyalty, although Rosenberg calls them "Israel-firsters"
And suddenly all hell broke loose. But not immediately. Initially, the right-wing of the "pro-Israel" claque praised Obama for not saying anything that challenged Netanyahu but then Netanyahu said that he was outraged by the reference to the 1967 lines.

And then the robotic Israel-firsters switched their line as quickly as Red 1930's folk singers changed their lyrics when Moscow complained of deviation. (Stop bashing Nazi Germany; we just signed a pact with it).
This is not to say that MJ is an anti-Semite or one of those "self-hating Jews," he is a capitalist. He understands generally the progressive left is anti-Israel and the progressive media is a major source of income. Heck George Soros pays part on his salary. So in order to prove his loyalty to the progressive media he acts with venom toward Israel and stereotypes his own people. Rosenberg is just trying to show his progressive handlers that MJ stands for Malign Jews.

Our "friends" at the daily Kos said that the anger regarding Obama's words was based on the fact that he was the first President to stand up to that powerful and nefarious "Jewish Lobby."
They don’t trust Obama because he is more objective than past US Presidents, and he is less afraid of the Jewish lobby. Republicans are salivating because they see Obama is in trouble with the Jewish lobby. Mr. Romnney accuses Obama of “throwing Israel under the bus,” and Glen Beck is planning a rally in Israel.
Some notes to the Kossaks, the Beck rally was announced before the President's speech, Beck spells his first name with two "n"s, Romney spells his last with one, and the only Jewish lobby I know of that exists outside of the minds of anti-Semites is in my shul, and quite honestly it needs a paint job.
The article continues....

Here is what Nathan J. Diament is director of public policy at the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America advises Mr. Obama in Politico.

Israelis and their U.S. supporters want to believe the president is in their corner — the U.S. is the most important, and often only, ally Israel has in a hostile world. We do not want the president to be dispassionate and “even-handed.” Only then will Israelis be ready to take risks for peace.

So Obama must not only say he is in Israel’s corner; he must find a way to make Israelis and their American supporters feel he is in Israel’s corner.

I wonder where his loyalty lies

...The bottom line is, as long as there is a powerful Israeli lobby, there are Fox News and Neocons, there are unprincipled Republicans, and there are fundamentalist Christians, America will ignore what is in its best interest and continue to support Israel.
A commentator for the Newark Star Ledger Dr. Aref Assaf said:
The American Israel Public Affairs Committee is the one issue foreign lobby that has and for decades distorted America's foreign policy. Our president must know that pro-Israel lobbies, headed by AIPAC, exist for the sole purpose of diverting precious American military, financial and political support to Israel and to maintain a status quo contrary to American policies and ideals. The cost of such support has even cost American lives and earned us the enmity of the Arab and Muslim world.
Gee whiz those Jews are good!

Andrew Sullivan who never let the truth get in the way of a good story said it was the Israeli control of the American Media that created the hysteria around the President's speech:
None of this makes sense until you realize that Netanyahu had been given a heads-up by the administration. So it's pretty obvious that it was the Israelis who immediately got their US media mouthpieces to spin the speech as some sort of attack.
Now before I go on, some of you Media Matters types are thinking "sure criticize Israel and you are called an anti-Semite." So let me be perfectly clear, criticizing Israel does not make one an anti-Semite. Questioning the Jewish people's loyalty to America or conjuring up a nefarious Jewish lobby that controls the world does make someone an anti-Semite.

A review of the progressive media would show that this may be this is the biggest outbreak of the "dual-loyalty," and "powerful Jewish lobby" slanders since 9/11 when  things got so bad it infiltrated sports programming. For example in the days after 9/11 sports jocks Mike Francesa and Chris Mad Dog Russo were suggested that American Jews take a loyalty oath,  and were protected by their station management.

There is no central leadership of Jews that set policy, believe me, because if there was anti-Semites such as Al Sharpton, Michael Scheuer, Andrew Sullivan, and Pat Buchanan would have stopped appearing in the mainstream media a very long time ago,  along with purveyors of Jew-hatred such as MJ Rosenberg and his boss Mr. Spooky dude.

It is very strange that while the progressives question the loyalty of Jews when they support the an Israeli Prime Minister questioning the policy of an American President, when they supported Mexican President Felipe Calderon stood before a joint session of Congress and ripped Arizona for its controversial immigration law. There were no accusations of dual-loyalty toward the Mexican-Americans who supported Calderon's "rudeness."

I wonder how these same progressives acted 27 years ago when Archbishop Desmond Tutu "thoroughly trashed" President Reagan's South African policy, during a similar "photo-op" as the Obama/Netanyahu one.

The fact is that Israel and American Jews are held out differently by the progressives in America,  they are their happy little targets who are allowed to give them financial and electoral  support every election year,  only to get in return a "Kick Me" sticker on our backs.

Its time my liberal friends in American Jewry wake up and smell the gefilte fish!  The progressive movement is a major source of Antisemitism in this country.  The Huffington Post and Daily Kos are two of the most anti-Semitic website on the web, and the progressive media watch-dog Media Matters features the anti-Jewish ranting of MJ Rosenberg.

The Progressive Obama administration continues to take advice from people within the administration like Samantha Power who rails against the "Israel Lobby" controlling the government and people outside the administration such as Robert Malley who has made the same charge. It's time for American Jews to stop voting for people who hate them.

During the George H.W. Bush administration, Secretary of State James Baker was asked about the Jewish vote, he exclaimed "F**K the Jews, they won't vote for us anyway."  Today the progressives believe "F**K the Jews, they will vote for us whatever we do."  It’s time for Jewish voters to prove those claims wrong and vote the progressives out of office.


Juniper in the Desert said...

Please can we have an article on the Muslime lobby: CAIR,ICNA Mozlem Brotherhood, Mozlem Students, and in UK; MPACUK, IFE etc etc!!
Also the millions of dollars "donated"to American universities by Arab theocracies, in exchange for perverting the truth to young people and spreading fascislam!!

Esther said...

Excellent essay.

"It's time for American Jews to stop voting for people who hate them."

And it is time for American Jews to stop hating themselves. Aligning with those who hate us requires a level of self-contempt that is unparalleled in the human experience.

I stopped being a liberal Jew years ago when I realized that I could be a liberal or I could be a Jew...but not both, because being a liberal in good standing now requires supporting the objectives of genocidal anti-Semites.

No can do.